A Call Answering Service Offers California Businesses Significant Savings on Administrative Expenses and Overhead Costs

A Call Answering Service Offers California Businesses Significant Savings on Administrative Expenses and Overhead Costs

Several large urban areas stretch along the Pacific coast from Ventura to San Diego making up Southern California. Culturally-diverse Southern California is a well-known area worldwide. Many tourists frequent the South Coast due to its popular beaches and a good many flock to the eastern Desert for its spectacular open spaces. Southern California, along with the San Francisco Bay Area, comprises a major cultural and economic center for the State of California as well as the nation. The U.S. Census Bureau reported 857,831 private non-farm establishments for the state of California in 2009. No doubt, many of these establishments spent thousands of dollars unnecessarily on the hiring and training of in-house receptionists and personal assistants. California businesses can save significantly on administrative expenses by hiring a California answering service for their business needs.

General Costs of Hiring and Training an In-house Receptionist or Personal Assistant

Operating a business can incur some major expenses, including the hiring and training of a management staff.

California business owners need prudence to determine which business expenses can be eliminated for purposes of frugality. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, receptionists earned a median salary of approximately ,840 in 2004. Salary was determined by the size and location of the employer and those with greater experience and skills earned more. Dental receptionist earned approximately ,000 per year for a 40-hour work week and those working for the federal government earned anywhere from ,937 to ,818 annually. Most receptionists also received benefits that included health insurance as well as paid vacation, holidays, and sick days. Some receptionist even received educational assistance.

Receptionists’ costs in business not only include salary. Associated expenses include hiring, training, and evaluation. For a fraction of the cost of having a receptionist, business owners can hire a Call Answering Service. A California answering service is equipped with a highly trained, professional staff that works around the clock. Because a Call Answering Service caters to a large quantity of businesses, expense is divided amongst the businesses making it a very affordable option. The end result is that businesses will receive quality services at a cheaper rate, without the responsibility of staff management.

A Call Answering Service can Reduce Business Overhead Costs

Not only can a California business save significantly by hiring a Call Answering Service to take on the administrative tasks of the business, but overhead costs can also be drastically reduced. Such expenses as installing switchboard equipments and phones, and maintaining multiple phone lines can be completely eliminated with a California Answering Service. A company will even find a decrease in utility bills with the elimination of an in-house receptionist. A Call Answering Service can be the perfect solution for Southern California businesses to flourish.