The Need for Sustainable Agriculture

The green revolution was a period of extreme innovation that occurred in agriculture predominantly in the 1960's and 1970's, although commenced in the 1940's. During this period huge amounts of research and development were undertaken that increased agricultural productivity significantly, the benefits of which we continue to enjoy today. Initiatives included the development of higher yielding crop varieties, the introduction of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides as well as improving and modernising farm management.

It was these innovations that enabled more food security in the developed world than previously possible. Huge yields were achieved from relatively small areas of land, making food easy to come by in the developed world for most people. As modern farming practices developed, the need for sustainable agriculture was broadened from economic and food sustainability to environmental and social sustainability. While the level of investment in agricultural research and development has been substantially reduced since the green revolution, the knowledge within the sector has greatly increased and agricultural businesses have adjusted their practices to deliver agriculture sustainability.

Sustainable agriculture program

Today all agricultural industries including grains, horticulture, fisheries, sugar and meat are concerned with sustainable agriculture. Agriculture land is not as plentiful as it was during the green revolution and to ensure the sustainability of the industries and importantly the global food supply, sustainable agriculture practices have to be at the forefront of everything the food industry does. In Australia research and development corporations, that represent farmers, invest in research and development to improve the sustainable agricultural practices. Often this is jointly funded with the federal government.

Agricultural Mortgage Loans

Agricultural mortgage loans have an important role in the development of mortgage loan financing. Before the onset of industrial revolution, people used to opt for rural mortgage loans on a regular basis. However, after the industrial revolution and the development of real estate properties, the mortgage companies shifted their stress from a rural mortgage loan to a residential property mortgage or home mortgage loan. The downfall in agricultural growth has further pushed the market farther away from the agricultural mortgage loans.

This situation has led the governmental economic policies to take serious steps for reviving agricultural mortgage finance. The efforts from both the governmental and private financial sectors have built new structure of agricultural loans, keeping in mind the changing demands of the new age farmers.

A mortgage loan is a kind of loan that can provide you with a considerable amount of money by taking any property as the security of that loan. An agricultural mortgage loan is one which uses the borrower's agricultural property as the collateral for the loan. This means, if after taking an agricultural mortgage loan you fail to pay it off, then the agricultural property that has been given as the security for the loan, can be seized by the lender.

The agricultural mortgage loans can help you in both purchasing a new property and developing the existing one. The lenders offer this loan to buy new lands for farming, or to buy new machineries to improve the production rate of the current business. Few rural mortgage loans offered by the rural mortgage lenders provide a lump sum to start agricultural business with lower interest rates. This is done mainly with an aim to encourage people to invest in agricultural business and thus to strengthen the national agricultural growth. There are specialized agricultural mortgage lenders for this particular proposition.

The interest rates offered by a lender can be of varied interest rates and of different term periods. The principal amount is generally decided through a property evaluation of the rural land by the lender. In most of these cases, any location with good commute flexibility plays a more important role than the total production value of the land or property. The mortgage interest rates can be both of fixed rate and variable rate. The repayment options also can be of different types; for example you can choose interest only mortgage loans to pay only the interest amount for initial period. The tenure period can be stretched from one year to 30 years.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Relevance Of CAT In Master In Business Administration

Relevance Of CAT In Master In Business Administration

By and by, the relevance of MBA education in India-one of the emerging economies in the world-has increased immeasurably. Countless number of management institutions has sprung up in patches in the country to inculcate professional MBA trainings to deserving candidates, and this new development aims at eliminating the current shortage of qualified and well-trained managers sprawling across all the industries in the country.

CAT (Common Admission Test) is India's most reputed management examination, and it is also the foremost screening process for admission in premier Indian Management Institutions (IIMs). The CAT score determines not only an MBA aspirant's dream to qualify for admission in IIMs but it inadvertently validates management admission of MBA aspirants in mid and low rung institutions.

Every year, tens and thousands of students irrespective of their fields of academic study or specialization take their trysts with CAT.

Apparently, the trend in the CAT examination follows 'twist and turn' and this year it has recorded a drastic drop of about 15% in the number of candidates compared to last year's 2,41,000 students who took the test. Industry experts blame the prevailing post-recession market (to some extent) responsible for unleashing insecurity among MBA aspirants.

According to statistics, nearly 60% of the total number of CAT applicants is candidates with job experience, and it is this segment of the data that have shown a drastic drop in numbers. CAT examination is especially designed for students who are interested in pursuing post graduate level management degree from prestigious B-schools in India. It is held once annually and the level of difficulty is comparatively higher to other management entrance examinations, plus this kind of examination is conducted at a national level.

Technically, the CAT written examination consists of various sections whose objectives are to test the overall intelligence and proficiency of the candidate in the areas of general awareness, logical reasoning/ ability, data interpretation, quantitative ability and so on.

Owing to the high difficulty level of the examination, interested candidates are recommended thorough practice and preparation before going ahead with it.

This management entrance holds the highest value in MBA admission in India that is why it stirs waves among students who are keen on applying for admission in renowned B-schools. The management entrance examination is conducted for admission to the following post graduate programs namely- Management, Agri-business management, Software enterprise management, Computer aided management, Public policy and management, Management for executives and lastly, Fellow program in management.

A graduation degree from any recognized university with not less than 50% aggregate marks in any stream is the standard requirement for CAT application. Leading management institutions like IMT which ranks third amongst private B-schools in India admits CAT qualified students annually in their post graduate management programs offered at various locations- IMT Ghaziabad, IMT Dubai, IMT Hyderabad (underway) and IMT Nagpur.

Online Business Administration Career Training

Online Business Administration Career Training

Work inside the realm of business administration is more wide spread than people think. A degree in this highly versatile career will enable individuals to function as an administrator for many different industries like marketing and government. Many online accredited colleges and universities offer degree distinctions in business administration to properly prepare students for the professional workplace.

Professionals in this industry manage business operations and help make major business decisions. Through the implementation of decisions a business administrator focuses on organizing the workplace and its employees to work towards the businesses overall goals. Students can learn how to effectively perform career duties through an online degree. Through numerous courses that will include accounting, statistics, business planning, and more, students will confidently step into the professional industry ready and able to be a strong leader.

Prospective students have a wide selection of study programs available to them online. Online study will enable many students to earn their degree while working from home and will enable them to finish a program faster than attending a traditional college.

Online career training offers programs from an associate degree to a doctorate in the field. Students will be able to pick a program that fits their career goals. Each level of education offers different areas of concentrations, which will provide the education necessary for individuals to step into their desired career. Areas of concentration include broader subjects like criminal justice and finance. Some degree programs provide more focused topics like sports management.

No matter what area of the industry a student wants to work for there will be a degree within business administration that will allow them to step into a leadership position in that area. Lets look briefly at what some of the degree options offer students in this area.

An associate degree program in this area allows students to gain basic knowledge that will prepare them for furthering their higher education. Students can enter concentrations like online programs in marketing and sales. Students will learn the fundamentals of business with course topics that include critical thinking, math skills, sales, management, and more. Students will gain knowledge to step into entry-level careers where they can be a marketing researcher, sales representative, stockbroker, and more.

A bachelor degree is usually a career requirement that employers have. Within this major programs will teach students more in depth knowledge about the career through online courses in management, statistics, accounting, development, and more. Students will learn how to use information technology to interpret problems, create plans, show data, and recommend strategies based on their knowledge and expertise. Students will evaluate the conduct of business practices through ethical, social, cultural, and politic issues as they arise within the workplace. The standard requirement for students to gain a bachelor degree is completing around 120 credit hours. Upon completion of a program students will have a wide selection of careers. Further education will open executive and managerial positions within the profession and enable students to perform multiple functions.

Don't let you passion for management and business pass you by. Search out colleges that offer online business administration degree programs that fit your schedule and career goals. Enter a fulfilling and profitable career by enrolling today.


Nurse Jackie's Hospital Administrator

Nurse Jackie's Hospital Administrator

Nurse Jackie is one of Showtime's hottest shows this season. Featuring Edie Falco, an HBO veteran from the hit The Sopranos, as an amoral emergency room nurse dedicated to saving lives, while cheating on her husband and indulging in powerful painkillers to combat her back pain, the show transcends typical medicine dramas popular in primetime television by focusing on those who heal, not those who diagnose.

This Showtime drama also features The West Wing's Anna Deavere Smith as Gloria Akalitus, a nurse-turned-hospital administrator. Akalitus is the butt of many a joke in the show, getting giddy off of Jackie's Percocet-laced coffee, accidentally tazering herself in an elevator, and questioning a gay nurse about how to obtain adoption papers for a child left at a nursing station.

Where lies the line between fact and fiction in the characterization of this hospital administrator? Frankly, the line zig-zags.

Hospital administrators play an important part in the inner workings of the hospital, and help to keep everything running smoothly. But in a dark comedy like Nurse Jackie, Akalitus is a walking punch line, providing a much needed dose of laughter amidst so much darkness. However, if her employees behaved themselves, Akalitus would most likely seem like an average nursing supervisor.

In one notable episode, Akalitus urges Jackie Peyton to make a dying man vacate a bed due to overcrowding. Jackie asks her to look at the man again, not as a healthcare administrator, but as a nurse. Akalitus allows Jackie until the end of the day to find him another place to stay, because she realizes that he'll be dying soon.

This aspect of Akalitus' character may be legitimate.

It would be logical for a nurse to become a supervisor. Many hospital administrators began as healthcare workers. However, it's not a simple jump from nurse to administrator. Most have at least a Masters degree in Health Services Administration, although some pursue degrees in public or business administration. Hospital administrators with financial backgrounds may go on to become Chief Financial Officers or Chief Executive Officers.

Education includes a year of interning in a health care center, and most administrators begin as administrative assistants for large hospitals, before pursuing higher positions in smaller institutions. Therefore, it's unlikely that Akalitus would be working alongside her former peers, as she probably would have needed to move elsewhere to find a position.

In another episode, Akalitus stays late to oversee Jackie making the time schedules, having noted that she always seems to be working with friends. One of the responsibilities of the hospital administrator is the maintenance of the budget. The hospital administrator would be responsible for the schedule of the nurses being overseen.

Finally, Gloria Akalitus appears to work alone. This is definitely true. There is often only one hospital administrator in a small hospital, and larger hospitals need a single administrator for each department. All Saints, the fictional hospital at which Nurse Jackie works at, seems like a large hospital. As a result, it would be common for a health care administrator to oversee the entire department alone.

Investing in Agriculture Stocks May Be a Profitable Move

Investing in Agriculture Stocks May Be a Profitable Move

I love earnings season.  It's a great time to capitalize on the craziness of the market.  It also gives us an opportunity to profit by smartly trading options.  If you remember back in October I pointed out a trade.  One of the solar companies was going to announce their earnings.  Most of their competitors had announced record results driving the stocks significantly higher.  We were right and people made money.

I see another trade like that setting up right now. . . but in a different industry.

Now, this trade isn't for the faint of heart.  It's risky.  But the profits could be nice as well.  First a little background.

We all know how well commodities have done over the last few months and years.  To add fuel to the fire, China continues to drive demand for food-related commodities.  News of hoarding grains like rice and corn are also floating around.

Needless to say, everyone loves the agricultural commodities.

As a result, the companies providing products and services to the agricultural industry are thriving.  Just look at DuPont (DD).  The company announced earnings Tuesday.  The strength of their business was found in agriculture.  First quarter profits were up 26% .

. . all due to increasing demand for its seed products and agricultural chemicals. 

  Now the stock is down a bit, but that's because they indicated product sales were slow in other groups, namely automotive and construction.

Yet another signpost.

Monsanto (MON), the giant agricultural products supplier announced their earnings on April 2.  They had previously raised guidance in March. So everyone knows the agricultural products industry is white hot.  In the earnings announcement management highlighted expectations of a 58% to 63% earnings growth this year!  When Monsanto earnings hit the tape the stock rallied.

Monsanto had traded as low as 5 on the day of the announcement.  It hit 4 over the next few days .

. . and continued higher.

So, what's next.

On April 24, Potash (POT) is going to announce earnings at 1:00 pm eastern time.  If you trade this stock just right, you might make some money.

Now for those of you who don't know, Potash is a very interesting company.  They're the world's largest potash company.  They're also the third largest phosphate producer and the second largest nitrogen producer in the world.  All of these products are needed in the agricultural industry.

The company has been selling these agricultural products since 1953, and it looks like they're on track for a record year.

Some interesting news.

Just a few days ago Potash announced a significant price increase of their products to China.  Prices went up more than 0 per ton on "red standard grade potash."  Now this isn't the first price increase for the company.

Nope.  A few days earlier on April 9th, they raised rates for North America.  And a few days prior to that, they raised prices in South East Asia and Latin America.  Basically prices are up around the world.

Increasing prices is always difficult.  You run the risk of customers either not buying your product or searching for a new supplier.  What Potash basically said was "we don't care."

Like the Godfather they made 'em an offer they couldn't refuse.

Now think about this for a moment. If you can push through a major price increase on your best customers, then you have substantial power in price negotiations.  This means there's more demand than supply in the market place.

And since Potash controls the supply, they control the price.

So what does this all boil down to?  I'm trying to figure out if Potash is going to make their numbers on Thursday.  Something tells me they will.  I think not only will they make their numbers; they'll beat 'em.

But there's a risk.

Lots of people already see what we see.  This big home run may already be priced into the stock.  If that's the case, the stock might go nowhere on the news.  It might even go down.  And of course there's the wild card.  You never know what management is going to say about future expectations.  They could throw everyone a curveball and the stock might get destroyed.

I find it hard to believe that will happen. . . . but you never know.

The last time Potash announced earnings was back in January.  The stock traded as low as 5.  A few days later it had rallied to 4.  Of course they announced record revenue, EBITDA, and profits.

So how can we profit this time around?

Buying calls on Potash is one way to profit if the stock jumps in value.  I looked at the short term options.  Right now, you can buy May calls on Potash with a strike of 0 for about each.  If you put on this trade, you'd profit when the stock rallied above 5.  That's a point move in the stock.

I know what you're thinking, these options are expensive.  They are. There's an advanced options trading technique that can lower your cost dramatically, but it also limits your profits.  It's known as a Call Bull Spread.

First you buy a close to the money call option and at the same time sell a call option at a higher strike price.  Your maximum profit would occur when the stock trades above the higher strike price.  It's a way to potentially gather some profits, but remember, if the stock doesn't move in the right direction, you can lose your entire investment.

As with any option trade there are risks.  Make sure you're comfortable with and fully understand the risks and rewards of every trade - before you buy a position.

Get your Business Supported by Small Business Administration

Get your Business Supported by Small Business Administration

Small Business Administration (SBA) is an independent federal agency that is tasked to support the small business companies those are owned and operated by women, service disabled veterans or the minority group of individuals. There are several types of business support programs in SBA from which you have to select the one which will best support your business. 8a Certificationis one most popular small business development program that helps a small company do business with the federal agencies and get established to the most competitive market field. Now in order to obtain the certification a small business firm has to go through a list of eligibility criteria that includes registration to the essential databases. The databases validate your business entity and so you must be well aware of the registration process to complete them successfully.


CCR Registration is one of the most popular registration databases where every small business has to get indexed no matter even if they are not applying for the federal contract acquisition program.

However, if you are applying for 8A Certification or similar other small business certification program it is not essential to get registered to the CCR unless a particular federal agency asks for the validation specifically by means of CCR Registration. So, before you get started with the application process it is advisable that you some knowledge about the program itself.


In case you find it difficult to go through the specified CCR Registration process, there are several other ways through which you can complete the program successfully.

For that you need to have complete awareness of the program or the guidance of professional business consultants. The start-up companies find it difficult to learn the program or afford their resources to go through the process. That is the reason why professional business consultants are popularly being hired. To the very first place you need to log on to the official website of CCR where you need to find the Create New Registration and click on to the Start New Registration. The DUNS number will be needed to start the registration process. 8A Certification requires you to be into the business for at least two years and so the registration systems.


The minority business certificationprograms take not more than three months to get completed if all such essential factors are already done. It is therefore wise to bypass the procedural hassles from the very beginning. Professional business consultants help their clientele to go though these processes seamlessly and to win a prospective federal contract the fastest way. Now being a service incapable veteran you need to check with the program specifications of SDVOSB which involve less procedural hassles and restrictions. You can check with the official website of SBA to get more details of the certification programs.


The professional consultants are available online. It is advisable that you talk to the consultants in person before hiring them for the fraudulence is always there. Small business certification programs are there to uplift the minority class of the country and that is the reason you must leave no stone unturned to avail the advantage.

International Communication Adapting to Global Business

International Communication Adapting to Global Business

Electronic Commerce can be defined as the "use of electronic transmission mediums (telecommunications) to engage in the exchange, including buying and selling of products and services requiring transportation either physically or digitally from location to location" As expected electronic commerce requires the digital transmission of transaction information. While transactions are conducted via electronic devices, they may be transported using either traditional physical shipping channels or digital mechanisms, such as the download of product from the internet. It all depends on what we order. If we buy software we can download it from the internet, while a CD may be delivered through a courier.

E-commerce is the use of electronic information technology for the business transactions such as displaying catalogues, selling and buying goods and services, processing, payments, etc.

It has accelerated the pace and tempo of business, minimized time lag between transactions and reduced intermediation. Though the initial cost of creating an infrastructure for E - commerce may appear to be high, in the long run it has proved to be cost effective. The direct contact between the producer and the consumer can boost sales and the time and money spent on printing, stationery, dispatch etc. can be cut down dramatically.

The use of web based E-commerce a subset of internet technology, has considerably increased in recent times. Many companies which had established websites mainly corporate or brand identity or for dissemination of information about their products are now using it also for sales purposes. The number of web users has grown both at work and at home and so through this method a large market can be captured.

Web business is international and to open to transaction 24 hrs a day on all 365 days.

Business to business E-commerce has been expanding faster than business to consumer E-commerce because many reputed companies are already in possession of necessary technology infrastructure. And those which do not have, are likely to acquire this facility in view of fierce competition endangered by the ever increasing advancements in the field of information technology.

E-COMMERCE occurs within business organization. The objective to link the constituents together and increase the flow of information within organization. Thus we see that there are three stages of E-Commerce namely interorganisational, retails and interorganisational.

Though many technologies fit within the definition of E-commerce the main ones are :-

Bar codes
Product data exchange
Electronic data exchange
Electronic forms

It has been pointed out that "companies worldwide are challenged with taking advantage of the business benefits the web has to offer while minimizing risk to their operations and their bottom line". The security of data transmitted over the Internet is a subject of serious concern for businesses all over the world. In the survey of nearly 1600 information technology professionals from 50 countries, 73% of all companies reported some security breach or corporate espionage in just one years

Why isn't an evaluating environmentally-friendly low-chem agricultural product a top priority everywhere?

Why isn't an evaluating environmentally-friendly low-chem agricultural product a top priority everywhere?

We all want to be sure that our food is as healthy and natural as possible.  We also want it to be cheap!

So we – through the powerful supermarket chains – ramp up the pressure on farmers to use low-chem, "safe"agricultural products, such as bio-pesticides, while also keep costs down.

A big problem in achieving these goals is the time it takes to license newly-emerging bio-pesticides and other low-chem agricultural products in some parts of the world.

It's a particular problem in bureaucracy-plagued Europe, where you're talking three to five years to complete the licensing process.

Could new, updated EU regulations passed in October 2009 speed things up at last?

The Plant Protection Products Regulation

The new regulations became law on December 14, 2009 and must be applied from June 14, 2011.

One key Regulation, Article 67: Recording and Disclosing Information on pesticides, aims to increase the level of protection for people and the environment but also, crucially, to speed up decision making and provide clearer rules.

European legislation on plants was first formulated against the background of the 1950´s and 60's, when heavy metal preparations were used with resulting negative environmental and health effects.

The EU's aim now is to remove as many substances as possible that have adverse impacts on health and environment or leave dangerous pesticide residues in the final products.

The new framework introduces substitution so other, safer solutions or methods, such as low-chem fertilisers and bio-pesticides, replace the problem agents.

Sweden's Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA) has a program called MASE (Microbial Activity for a Sound Environment), which has been working with food producer Findus on the use of micro-organisms in the cultivation of all their pea products.

Christopher Folkeson Welch, MASE Program Director, hopes the new regulations will simplify and speed up regulation for new, environmentally-friendly bio-pesticides and other low-chem products currently being developed.

He reports that there is intense pressure from the food industry for alternatives to chemical pesticides and that Findus is ready to use micro-organisms in the cultivation of all their pea products and wants to see this happen as soon as next year.

"The new legislation seeks to have control of both chemical and biological agents used for pest management.

The result is both good and bad for us," he says.

As MASE deputy program manager Margaret Hökeberg says: "In the new proposal the authorities have been given a limited evaluation period, which is very important."

Another new aspect is the classification of pesticides known as "Low Risk." Here is where Christopher Folkeson Welch and Margaret Hökeberg hope the biological resources will end up.

But low-risk agents have a longer approval period than the "traditional" pesticides.  At the same time legislators are severely restricting the old option of temporary permits during the evaluation period, which meant a product could be sold on a limited market basis.

This change could have negative consequences, particularly for smaller companies with limited research budgets.

"Biological pesticides are often researched and developed by small businesses that depend on quickly getting out in the marketplace. The financiers are impatient and this is a bad combination," says Margaret Hökeberg.

The time it takes for licensing in the EU is a problem for all bio technology research companies as highlighted by Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO of AgraQuest, a leading US-based company specialising in researching and developing low-chem agricultural products.

In a 2009 interview with Agrow – World Crop Protection News, he contrasted reduced regulatory requirements and review times in the US with the "considerably more onerous" EU process, which makes no distinction between bio- and conventional pesticides.

He estimated that it would take between three and six years to license products in Europe unless there was a dramatic change in the process and believes it is not right for farmers to have to compromise on yield and profitability as older, more toxic pesticides are banned, leaving gaps in their portfolios.

The company has several bio-pesticides already on the US market but only one product, a bio-fungicide called Serenade, licensed in the EU in partnership with distributor BASF.

Hopefully the new EU regulations will be good news for AgraQuest, European farmers and food producers and ultimately for us consumers.



Planning Administrative Control Of Gpos

Planning Administrative Control Of Gpos
When you plan the Group Policy settings and GPOs to be used in your Network+ certification organization, you should also plan who will manage them. The appropriate level of administrative control can be delegated by using a centralized, decentralized, or task-based administrative control design.
You are a domain administrator for Contoso Pharmaceuticals. One of the desktop administrators calls to report some peculiar results with four user accounts. Users are not supposed to have the Run command in their Start menus, but three out of four have it. The desktop administrator is puzzled. You investigate the issue and document your results, as shown in Table 10-5.
You learn that the GPO that doesn't seem to be working is named GPLabRemoveRun. You discover that someone has explicitly denied GPLabGroup2 the permission to Apply Group Policy for the GPLabRemoveRun policy. You also determined that GPLabRemoveRun is linked to the GPLab OU.
When you create the user accounts in this lab, set their passwords to comptia network. Clear the User Must Change Password At Next Logon box. Check the Password Never Expires box. (In a real-world environment, of course, you should make sure users follow proper password procedures, such as creating complex passwords with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.)
Group Policy is applied to Active Directory components in the following order: local computer, site, domain, and then OU.
Group Policy is passed down from parent to child containers within a domain. If you have assigned a separate Group Policy setting to a parent container, shat Group Policy setting applies to all containers beneath the parent container, including the user and computer objects in the container. However, if you specify a Group Policy setting for a child container, the child container's Group Policy setting overrides the setting inherited from the parent container.
The default order for the application of Group Policy settings is subject to the following exceptions: No Override, Block Policy Inheritance, the Loopback setting, and a computer that is a member of a workgroup.
There are three parts to planning Group Policy: plan the Group Policy settings, plan GPOs, and plan administrative control of GPOs.
Computer Configuration node A node in the Group Policy Object Editor which contains the settings used to set group policies applied to computers, regardless of who logs on to them. Computer configuration settings free test questions are applied when the operating system initializes.

Using Mmcs For Remote Administration

Using Mmcs For Remote Administration
When you create custom MMCs, you can set up a snap-in for MCITP Certification remote administration. Remote administration allows you to perform administrative tasks from any location. For example, you can use a computer running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1 or the 329357 hotfix applied to perform administrative tasks on a computer running Windows Server 2003. You cannot use all snap-ins for remote administration; the design of each snap-in dictates whether or not you can use it for remote administration.
To perform remote administration:
You can use snap-ins from computers running different editions of the Windows Server 2003 family.
You must use specific snap-ins designed for remote administration. If the snap-in is available for remote administration, Windows Server 2003 prompts you to choose the target computer to administer.
Suppose you need to administer Windows Server 2003 from a Windows XP Professional desktop. Because Windows XP Professional does not provide the same level of administrative tools as Windows Server 2003, you will need to install a more complete set of tools on the Professional desktop. By accessing the server and executing the Adminpak.msi file located at online MCITP certification, you can copy the administrative tools onto the Professional desktop. Then configure each tool for use with the server. One benefit of installing the entire package is that it includes the Active Directory Man?agement MMC, which contains the three major Active Directory MMCs and the DNS MMC. Note that some tools may be installed that are not actually running on the server; the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Setup Wizard is simply a means for loading administrative tools to a remote machine.
Off the Record The Adminpak.msi can be used to repair console issues related to file corruption. For example, if you find that you can no longer open a console, such as the DNS console, you should try reinstalling Adminpak.msi.
Usually, if you plan to distribute an MMC to other administrators, you save the MMC in user mode. When you set an MMC to user mode, users cannot add snap-ins to, remove snap-ins from, or save the MMC.
There are three types of user modes that allow different levels of access and functionality. Table 3-4 describes when to use each type of user mode.
You want to allow users to navigate between snap-ins, open new windows, and gain access to all portions of the console tree.
You do not want to allow users to open new windows or gain access to a portion of the console tree. You want to allow users to view multiple windows in the console.
You do not want to allow users to open new windows or gain access to a portion of the console tree. You want to allow
MCSE study guides free download users to view only one window in the console.

Business English Courses And International Business English For Executives

Business English Courses And International Business English For Executives
Communication plays a vital role in todays world, be it in business or personal affairs. Among all the languages English dominates the front lines especially in the business world. With the world becoming a Global village, it has become necessary to know English. Many people ask the question, why? Well the answer is simple, with business spreading throughout the world you have different branches and companies everywhere, so if you have one in an Asia or Korea than how do you communicate with the people there? Yes, you got it right the common link is English.

Now-a-days every candidate for a job is required to be excellent in English, as communication is the basic key. And thats why many experienced or new graduates get themselves enrolled for quick or long courses like Business English courses for executives or International business English for executives as no English no job. Many non-native English or native speakers study these subjects with the aim of doing business with different countries, or with companies located outside the Anglo sphere. Once you are done with these courses than you will be presented with a number of career opportunities, and you will also have various options like staying home to work, or you could travel abroad. Because when you learn how to speak Business or International English, the opportunities are limitless.

If you have yet not started and feel the need to learn Business English courses for executives or International business English for executives. And if you searching for a language training that truly focuses on the particular needs of business, then you have come to the right place because we understand your job particular language needs and requirements and well help you to take your step in improving your executive English skills immediately. Our Business English courses for executives or International business English for executives increases confidence and fluency when using English in a variety of situations because of the tasks, such as authentic case studies, discussions, meetings etc.

Our methods are extremely helpful as it incorporates a mixture of key disciplines, which are necessary for language-development such as listening carefully, corrective grammar exercises, and vocabulary-building activities. Our course is designed to allow the students to extend their English language and communication skills in a business context. We have professional teachers with awesome experience to guide you and teach you. We have group class where a group of 6-7 students under one teacher or one student under one teacher, the choice is yours. Our trainers constantly focus on business communication skills, for example, making presentations, taking part in meetings, writing reports etc; we also evaluate your job requirements so that we can plan your course accordingly. So come join us and work comfortably and competently in a cross-cultural environment.

BNI - Business Networking International Review

BNI - Business Networking International Review

BNI or Business Networking International prides itself on being the world's largest referral organization. Chapters consist of one member per profession. As a co-founder and past president of a BNI South Florida chapter, I would like to share some of my experiences with you in order to assist you in making any business decisions regarding the organization.

BNI was founded in the mid 1980's by Dr. Ivan Misner and started in California. One of the core concepts of the organization is "givers gain". Dr. Misner grew the organization to a nationwide and soon a worldwide force in business networking.

What's it all about?

Whether you start a new chapter of BNI or join an existing one, your purpose, as it relates to the chapter, is two fold. The first important thing you will be doing, is keeping your eyes and ears open for business referrals to other members in the chapter.

The other important function is recruiting other business professionals for membership.

On the average, members are expected to pass at least one referral per week to other members. If you don't have a referral to pass and you bring a visitor to the meeting you'll still be in good standing. If you don't have a referral or bring a visitor, you are expected to give a testimonial about someone in the group you have had professional dealings with.

How does membership benefit YOU?

You benefit when you pass referrals because the people receiving those referrals will feel an obligation to return the favor. Think of it this way, how do you feel when you receive a gift over the holidays and you don't have one to return to the person who gave it to you? Same thing goes for business referrals.

The reasons that you want to continue to recruit new members is so that the chapter will continue to strengthen.

Statistics have shown that when a chapter has 20 members there are about 20 referrals passed per week. Once a chapter grows to 30 members the referrals move up to about 40 per week. You can see the benefit of having a larger chapter. Another advantage of a larger chapter is that over time you will always lose members through attrition, and with a larger chapter you will still remain strong.

In Conclusion

BNI is a very well structured and worthwhile organization. Some chapters have difficulty because of an attitude of strict adherence to the bylaws, others benefit from them. The one member per profession can certainly be considered a strength of the organization.

Although there are few drawbacks, these are some. As a member of a BNI chapter you are not allowed to belong to any other networking groups which have a one person per profession structure. And, although BNI has a basic MLM structure itself, you are not allowed to promote a business opportunity like an MLM, you are restricted to promoting products.



Their home is a long, sparsely settled coastline, a lawless economic backwater racked with poverty. Their men are born sailors. All the defendants were found guilty, but none of them knows how the court judges found them guilty, they didn't have proofs besides the testimonies of the accusers.


There are wounds in life that is not is easy to forget. Forgive and forget some may say but the pain goes deeper than that. Looking ahead to the inauguration of a new president of the United States, I began thinking about what sort of world we might want to create, and the initiatives we must undertake in order to see that vision become reality.


The nature of poverty may seem rather simple on the surface - a lack of food, clothing, water, shelter, education, medicine - yet the underlying factors that cause and influence poverty are quite complex.

One of these factors, the irresponsible sale of weapons to developing countries, produces a duality of devastation.


While the beliefs quoted above by Dr. Martin Luther King reflect the spirit of a humane world, it is his reference to 'three meals a day' that is most appropriate on World Food Day. There were forty soldiers sleeping in the building at the time of the fire which is located at el-Marg Central Security camp.


Diamonds are not traditionally associated with countries like Russia. This is because, although Russia is one of the most diamond-rich countries in the world, Africa has the highest rate of third world countries as of today. Most African countries remain desolate, war stricken and attached from the world.


Is this a concern towards the plight of Indian farmers or a crafty use of human cruelty on humans to sell television channel programming by sensational declaration? There are various forms of birth control; birth control pills, condom, implant, IUD and so forth.

Condom and birth control pills are probably the most popular form of birth control that is used by millions of young people all over the world. Unfortunately,


The date has been announced for the 'Introduction to solar markets and technology' course to be held in London between 14 & 15 October 2009. On Friday rumours emerged that the German government is likely to significantly reduce the price paid for electricity produced by solar panels. Furthermore,


For good business prospects it is essential that you follow the latest International business news and stories from around the world. Internet has made it possible for you to get connected to the latest hot and happening even in the other end of the world as the world business markets have turned into a global village.


I love the United Arab Emirates, but I've noticed not a lot of people know much about this area of the world. I've written the following article to inform you about the United Arab Emirates. I hope you find the following article informative.


Travel Domestically or Internationally with Business Travel Insurance

Travel Domestically or Internationally with Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance has been specially designed for professionals who need to travel a lot for business purposes. Insurance plans are available for both domestic and international traveling. While purchasing an insurance policy, you will have to mention whether you require insurance for overseas traveling or domestic traveling. Different plans at different premiums are available. You can choose any one of them depending upon your unique requirements and the required coverage.

Whether you are going on a purely business trip or combining business with leisure, you can take advantage of business trip insurance. It is available for all the individuals who travel across the country or the world for business reasons. Whether you're traveling to look for business opportunities or for sales and promotion, this particular plan suits all your requirements.

The best part is that it is available on both single trip and multi-trip basis. Now with this, you no longer need to worry about your safety and security. Wherever you travel around the world, it follows you everywhere. You can travel without any stress and tension.

Usually, it includes medical cover, personal belongings cover and personal money cover. If you intend to add more components your business travel insurance, you have complete freedom to do the same. You just don't need to rely on standard insurance plans. You can customize it depending upon your specifications and preferences. Apart from this, you can also decide the level of cover. For this you need to analyze the degree of risk associate with your travel.

Business travel insurance UK is readily available in the market. But you need to be very careful in deciding your insurance company. Make a thorough market research and find out a reputed and trusted company that offers you the best possible plans at very reasonable prices. You can also ask for personal assistance if you require it.

Find out all reputed and trusted insurance companies and ask for online insurance quotes. Once you receive them, you can then compare them on the basis of their premium, level of coverage, additional benefits and customer support services. Choose the one that suits your requirements and budget.


Completion of Medication Administration Records

Completion of Medication Administration Records

One of the biggest challenges care organisations have is in ensuring that they have good Medication Administration Records and that their nurses and care staff actually complete them correctly. I recently had the pleasure of the company of a gentleman from the Care Quality Commission who told me that medication issues are still the greatest area of concern during inspection visits and particularly record keeping. So what are the issues and how can we get it right?

What information should be on a MAR?

The guidance states that a MAR should contain the name and address of the service user, a start date so that I know which record is current or for reference should I need to go an look back at a certain date, the medication details i.e. the name, strength, form, clear dosage instructions and times of day, to state "contents of box" or nomad or dossette not acceptable, if you have codes for administration then the key for those codes needs to be clearly stated on the MAR, some where for the nurse or carer to either sign or initial, if initials are used there needs to be a master record kept in the office of whose initials tally with which carer or nurse.

Any other information on the MAR is not necessary but may make the MAR more robust when in use and so may have quantities received and returned for example, or GP details etc.

Who is responsible for providing the MAR and entering the information?

Legally it is the responsibility of the care organisation to provide the MAR and to put the information on it. Many care homes will have their MAR's provided by their pharmacy but it actually is a complimentary service to them, pharmacy have no legal or contractual obligation to provide MAR's at all. There is no official template or recommended format for a MAR and so there are many different types and as long as they meet the requirements above and are filled in correctly it's what works best for your organisation. The medication information for each client should be entered by the company and any changes to medication should also be made by the care company, written in legibly in ink, if the medication has changed, put a line through the old medication and re-write the new on a new line of the MAR, preferably checked by another person, signed, dated and a note to say on who's authority was the change made.

Codes for Administration

There are no official codes for administration or guidance given as to what they should be so it is up to the care organisation to decide what information it requires the nurse or carer to record. Good practice would be to have codes for administered, reminded, observed, not taken, refused, dose measured, on leave, in hospital,etc.

Record keeping at the time of administration

Training in how to complete MAR's is essential if you are to ensure that your teams do it correctly at all times. You should have in place a system to identify where mistakes are being made or records are not being completed properly so that that carer or nurse can be spoken to, given additional guidance and training and standards enforced.

At the time of administration team members must sign or initial the MAR in the appropriate space and an indication of how they supported, this may be by using a code as discussed above. If the person did not require medication the carer or nurse should still sign and add a code to explain that the client didn't require it. Please do not leave records blank as gaps create questions and uncertainty about what happened at that time. If it was a controlled drug administered by two people both should sign. If it was a variable dose for example "give 10ml or 20ml", exactly what dose was given should be recorded. If a dose is refused by the service user record that it was refused and why. Any over the counter remedies or homely remedies that you administer should also be detailed on the MAR.

For further information, training on record keeping or examples of good MAR's you might model contact or call 01793 700929

Wealth Masters International - A Business Opportunity in Review

Wealth Masters International - A Business Opportunity in Review

An Investor's Crossroad

With the growing uncertainty in today's economic stability, many people are taking charge of their own finances and going into business for themselves, or making personal investments where they can - at the very least - have some measure of control or oversight. In short, people have begun to see the error in being an "absentee landlord" and letting others take command of their finances.

To somehow make sure that this is successful, many of them are turning to the business opportunities offered by companies like Wealth Masters International.

What's in the Package? Wealth Masters International, simply put, is a network marketing business opportunity that, for a price, will allow the investor to access their trade secrets. The company guarantees that their package will help out investors in building up their respective networks, even if it is from the ground up.

With that said, their package is created to guide the investor throughout the entire venture, so that investors can attract people both online and in the real world.

This is a guarantee that is backed up by 15 years of Wall Street Investment experience from Kip Herriage, its co-founder. This can put the investor well on his way to be free from debt and have walk-away residual income.

The Investment The investor is now on the driver's seat, and Wealth Masters International will certainly let their investors take the wheel. This means that the "burden" (for lack of a better term) of the investor is not only to put in money, but effort, too. A certain amount of creativity, intelligence, and independence is also a must in order to succeed.

The company will guide the investors thoroughly and with insight, but it is not likely to hold their hands.

All in all, this is a small concession to make if one really would like to take the matter of their financial future into their own hands.

Agricultural Pollution

Agricultural Pollution

Agricultural pollution refers to the contaminants present in the environment as a result of agricultural practices. Most effects of agricultural pollution are felt in water environments and are caused by runoff from farms and barnyards such as ammonia, pesticides, fertilizers, oil toxins, and animal waste that make their way into bodies of water. Agricultural pollution also negatively affects the quality of air. Chemicals and byproducts from the agricultural industry are quite harmful to the natural environment and can pose a problem for humans as well. As the world's population continues to grow at a significant rate the demand for intense agriculture will remain high, and so combating agricultural pollution will be increasingly difficult. With this in mind, several alternatives to industrial agriculture, with its polluting tendencies, have been explored and are being utilized today.

Pesticides used to kill insects that feed on crops can cause much damage to the environment if used inappropriately.

Excessive pesticides remain in the soil after sprayings and are washed away by rain that forces them to be absorbed into groundwater. Avoiding pesticide contamination is a tricky process only feasible through careful containment practices. The same problem exists with the use of fertilizers. Excrements produced by cattle and other barnyard animals also cause pollution. The methane released from cow flatulence is also a type of greenhouse gas making it partly responsible for global warming. Emissions from the use of fossil fuels by tractors and other farm equipment used in agriculture also contribute to air pollution. Fires, which are not uncommon on farms, can be very detrimental to the environment if fertilizer or waste products are being burnt. The problem of agricultural pollution is not simply felt in regions in farming regions. Contaminates in rivers can be carried all the way to the ocean and polluted air can be blown to other areas with denser populations.

Agricultural pollution poses numerous human health problems. Chemicals that make their way into groundwater can eventually end up in water sources that are used for drinking. Blue baby syndrome, a disease that causes death in infants, is often caused by contaminated water. Pesticides released into the air and emissions from farm equipment cause difficulty breathing and a host of respiratory problems. Fertilizers, manure, waste, and ammonia that are present in water release nitrogen that reduces the amount of oxygen present resulting in the death of fish and other marine animals.

While industrial agriculture is the most efficient way to produce large quantities of food, the pollution associated with it raises many environmental and health concerns. In light of this, there has been a shift to organic farming which uses more natural ways to raise crops and livestock and avoids the use of harmful chemicals. The use of alternative crops that require less fertilizer because they are adapted to the environment in which they are grown also help to reduce agricultural pollution. However, the demand for cheaper and higher quantities of food as world population steadily rises will make changes in farming methods less likely and more difficult.

Administrative Concepts breaks new ground-- expanding its services into Florida's agriculture industry

Administrative Concepts breaks new ground-- expanding its services into Florida's agriculture industry

Southwest, Florida - Administrative Concepts, a Southwest Florida based Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its payroll and risk management services with a new outreach targeted towards Florida's agriculture industry.

Administrative Concepts has formed a joint venture with McKenzie & Sons, Inc., a third-generation citrus harvester headquartered in Frostproof, Florida, to develop the program. Owner Richard McKenzie has brought decades of experience to consult with Administrative Concepts and help tailor PEO services directed to the specific needs of all segments of the agriculture industry, from small family-owned farms to large conglomerations.

Agriculture is Florida's second largest industry with an estimated payroll of to 0 million, making it a natural fit for Administrative Concepts' innovative brand of comprehensive payroll and risk management services.

"The beauty of Administrative Concepts is that we allow our clients to focus on their core business without the distractions of paperwork and red tape," said co-founder George Bushong. "Too many business owners spend way too much time worrying about administrative details and wind up getting frustrated and stressed out. We relieve that burden and allow our clients, such as citrus growers, to devote their energies towards growing their business, which in this case, is oranges and grapefruit."

Administrative Concepts has opened a new office in Avon Park which specializes in employee leasing services for agriculture clients. Other services offered include all aspects of risk management, including workers' compensation claims management, workplace safety programs, OSHA compliance, unemployment claims and drug-free workplace programs; employment compliance details such as payroll taxes and personnel record maintenance, and payroll administration, which encompasses calculating and providing payroll checks, year-end tax forms, and online reports and payroll processing.

Administrative Concepts was founded by George Bushong and Sarah Peel in 1995 to assist business owners in the details of managing their companies, offering PEO services such as risk management, payroll and employee administration, government compliance, and employee benefits. Administrative Concepts is headquartered in Bradenton and has eight other offices throughout Florida, including Avon Park, Tampa, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Mary Esther, Naples, Pensacola and Port Orange. The company has been honored with multiple awards from Florida Trend, and Sarasota-Manatee Business Magazine, and was listed as the 18th largest privately owned company in the Tampa region by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Administrative Concepts has received additional recognition by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of their top-ten ranked PEOs.

Administrative Concepts is a member of the Four Corners of Excellence, a collaborative alliance of sister companies, joined by: Financial Concepts, Insurance Concepts and Employment Concepts. As a comprehensive family of companies, each corner specializes in a different aspect of business that collectively offers a broad spectrum of services for prospective and current clients.

For more information about Administrative Concepts and any of its professional service offerings, call (941) 744-1317 or visit or


Harwich in Essex - An International and Busy Port

Harwich in Essex - An International and Busy Port

Historic Harwich is a town located in north east of Essex, England. You can locate it on the estuaries of River Orwell and Stour. Unfortunately, being close to the North Sea, it was flooded in 1953. It has busy freight docks too.

It is a busy coastal town and also an international port. Harwich is sometimes used collectively for Harwich town, Dovercourt and Parkeston. Some new buildings have been constructed in the recent, which have give the town a modern look.

A stroll around the town can include the lighthouses and museums. The Harwich Redoubt Fort is an interesting monument and looks beautiful on the harbour. You can also enjoy the cruise ships around.

Since years many ships have anchored at Harwich. Located in the Tendring district, it is a Haven port. The St Nicholas Parish Church and Guildhall are two major buildings. Most shops are Victorian style.

It is an old town and you can see this in the preserved historical buildings around the town.

You may find Dovercourt to be more developed than Harwich. The Harwich High Lighthouse is worth a visit.

In the 1600s, it was a naval base. Not surprising given the great positioning of the place. The Electric Palace Cinema built in 1911 is still being used till date. The view of Harwick Docks are amazing. It is still UK's busiest passenger ferry port.

The popular sailors associated with the town are Christopher Jones and Christopher Newport. It has great maritime history as well. The Ha Penny Visitor Centre is located in The Quay.

You can take a ferry to Holland, Netherlands and Denmark from the Harwich International port. Major part of the old town or Old Harwich is a conservation area now. The town has great architectural and historical heritage.

Agricultural Machinery: Leasing Them Is The Current Trend

Agricultural Machinery: Leasing Them Is The Current Trend

Farmers generally get involve in two types of agricultural activities - Subsistence agriculture & profit making agriculture. In the first type of farming, farmers produce only self-sufficient amount of grains or any other related things which is needed for their livelihood. And they don’t do it for making any profit or get involved in a business process.

Most of the time farmers from third world developing countries involve in such type of farming activities. On the contrary, western farmers farm to gain huge profits from their produced materials. No wonder, this type of farming needs huge amount of agricultural machinery like tillage equipment, aerators, grinders and various others.

Farmers, who are involved in profit making farming, have to lease agricultural equipment.

This will be almost impossible for a farmer to won each and every equipment for a farmer. Be it huge tillage equipment or may be a hand aerator - whatever it is, farmers need to lease one or more equipment while venturing into agriculture.

If you are willing to explore this business prospect while being into the genre of agriculture, it is advisable to own equipments which farmers will need for every season. Or maybe they will lease equipments on cycle basis. Crops are seasonal. Agricultural machinery like tillage equipment is a common thing usable in every type of harvesting; but you can also lease equipments which are needed for specific type of farming only.

No need to mention that, as there is a huge amount of money involved so fairness and trust has to be there.

And as the task of agriculture asks for a lot of time, thus you need to be a lot more patient here apart from the other businessmen. Farmers may need your equipment for a longer time, if natural things like rains and drought are not their way. So be a little open for these things as well.

On the other hand if you can manage to give some training to the farmers who are availing agricultural machinery from you, you will certainly be the most preferred equipment lease-giver of your area. So make it a point that you know everything about the equipments you handle and help others with your knowledge as well for a better business as well as human prospect.

Policy Administration Software

Policy Administration Software

Insurance policy administration software is a flexible, next generation, rule based administration system that enables the insurers or carriers to proactively adapt to the need of dramatic regulatory and market changes. This insurance software for annuities and life insurance is designed to improvise the market speed, total cost reduction of ownership, provide elasticity for competitive advantage by facilitating pioneer inventive product development, and genuinely transfer the business. The modern web based technology of policy administration aims to support new business and sales, billing, policy issues, collection, claims management software and policy processing in multiple degree of business. The flexibility of the insurance software provides the insurers the ability to rapidly bring out new products to the market and overtake their competitors by capturing additional market shares and eventually increase profit.

It also provides the insurers the ability to virtually produce boundless new products that are free from the restrictions of tradition technologies. Moreover it also helps the insurers to make transactions through business regulations. The policy administration software encourages new product creation in the market and freeing the insurers from the age old traditional policy system. This software provides the capability to make changes in the system without touching the inner code which includes fields, languages, products, currencies and screens. The administration software includes experts to guide the insurers in their required tasks and a visual system palette with a drag and drop functionality. The standard based planning of the administration software enables easy adaptation with other negotiator systems like new business and underwriting, illustrations, Claims management software, rating, billing, customer services and more. It even allows easy adaptation with different back office systems and existing traditional systems, so that the insurers can successfully recreate their application portfolio while avoiding software replacement. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the policy administration system software. • The administration software provides support and framework to different range of insurance products. • This software helps the insurers to clone a product and redesign it to produce new products. • It also offers the insurers with multi-line-of-business support on one system software. • It helps in reducing total cost of ownership by merging traditional systems. • It also reduces the trouble of market conduct review with a documented review trail. • It also enables the user to bring new products to the market by providing easy to use product improvement tools. • It also provides synchronized access to policy information, enhancing self service facilities for distribution channels and customers. • It even allows international carriers to observe local rules, reduce IT costs and improve speed. Acquiring the policy administration software is imperative to ensure that your organization is a step ahead of competition when it comes to processing transactions and upholding customer satisfaction.

Online Agriculture Studies

Online Agriculture Studies

Today a large amount of economic trade between countries is the exchange of agricultural goods. This market of the economy deals with more than just the actual exchange of goods. There are a wide range of responsibilities within the industry that individuals can learn through online education. Many accredited online schools offer degree distinctions in every facet of the agricultural industry. Prospective students interested in this field of study will be able to earn their education solely through online agriculture studies.

In its most basic definition agriculture is the production of food and products through some form of farming. Study in this area can have students learning about a wide range of disciplines through online agriculture schools and colleges. Students can earn an education online from an associate's degree to a PhD in the field.

The options for a concentration are vast, which allows students to earn an education in a specific part of the industry they are most interested in. Specific concentrations include:
Agricultural Economics
Environmental Sustainability

…and more. Education requirements will vary depending on the college selected and what degree a student is trying to obtain.

An associate's degree or bachelor's degree will give students a foundation of principles and procedures to build upon whether they enter the professional work place or gain more education. Most degree programs at this level could take two to four years for a student to complete.

Concepts and topics covered in undergraduate studies include biology, agricultural research, basic methods of production of products, farm life in connection with how livestock and plants are grown, how to take soil samples, and much more.

Students who continue education and obtain a master's or a PhD could be studying agriculture for another three to six years depending on the concentration the student has selected. A master's degree program will give students knowledge directly related to one area. Many programs focus on a specific area and enable students with the techniques to successfully manage agricultural procedures for the area they are studying. Skills that could be learned include how to run a ranch, analyze crops, and how to use certain equipment for job related tasks. Upon completion students will be able to enter higher education at the PhD level or transition into the industry in pursuit of their career.

Gaining a PhD in the field will greatly benefit a student who wants to enter the top levels of work within the industry. As a result the schooling process is not a super fast one but an in depth study into the specific area of agriculture a student is going into. Study at this level not only requires more knowledge but it tests the student's knowledge. PhD programs will have students immersed in high-level courses and seminars. Doctoral students are required at the end of coursework to present a dissertation proposal, conduct research, and finally present and defend their dissertation. PhD options in the field are wide and students can choose from concentrations that include horticulture, soil science, forestry, agronomy, and more.

Don't let your passion of agriculture pass you by. Start on your career path today by enrolling in an accredited degree program. The Distance Education and Training Council approved programs for full accreditation in order to prove that they can offer a quality educational experience. Search out online agriculture schools and colleges that offer degree programs and concentrations that fit your career goals and schedule.


DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at

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Master Degree In Business Administration

Master Degree In Business Administration

An MBA is actually a Master Degree in Business Administration - Master in Business Administration (MBA). MBA students are not necessarily specialists in finance or marketing. Found in this category include military students, architects, doctors, etc.. It is against mandatory to have a professional experience first. Our program, the Pre-MBA, provides two quarters: one quarter of intensive English and a quarter on the combined courses of GMAT test preparation courses and Master courses common to all concentrations. You can also transfer your file to another university and have advanced standing, or do not follow this program than on some quarters as further studies to enhance your CV.

Participation in the Pre-MBA program does not always guarantee admission to MBA, but prepares the candidate. Admission to the Master has been requested either before departure or during the Pre-MBA program, according to the time that the candidate wishes to remain at the university as part of his studies.

The Master program is designed for students wishing to specialize after completing a Masters in India.

distance learning mba can also be an advantage if the pursuit of career is in his own country. This experience abroad allows graduates to think globally and understand the interconnections and global markets. This knowledge can also be very useful for companies locally. As already mentioned, an MBA abroad can represent a significant cost. This raises the question whether an MBA abroad worth for his own career. The MBA is a degree that prepares students for business as leaders. The student can choose from several "concentrations":

* Management Science
* Marketing Management
* Accounting
* Business Economics
* Computer Information Systems
* Finance
* Human Resources Management
* International Business
* New Venture / Small Business Management
* Operations and Materials Management
* Operations Research
* Strategic Management
* Taxation
* Telecommunications Management

The online MBA program is also taught as an intensive residential block. It prepares managers for their action research and dissertation writing. Participants develop knowledge and skills in systematically resolving a major problem in their organization, using rigorous qualitative action research methods. Potential supervisors of dissertation will be invited to attend the firs session on standards, expectations, the role and function of the supervisor, university rules and regulations, communication between and responsibilities on the part of, the associates and supervisors.
The purpose of executive MBA is to avoid the usual problems of attrition and late submissions rates in master degree programs. And one more thing the written assignment is different for MBA (Executive) candidates and those who wish to exit with a diploma in management. The former group will focus on dissertation design and rationale, including problem definition, significance of the project, method and time schedule. The latter group will focus on practical application of business research within their organization.
We are a University (located in Paris), a public teaching and research. We

are the first French university accredited by EQUIS.

- We believe that the MBA is not a commodity and that education is not a market, the commercial sense: we believe that a MBA does not "sell" it as a consumer product

and for you to choose the MBA that fits your values.

- The Dauphine Executive MBA does "not buy" if you are selected, you will need a lot ... a lot of work to graduate. You will be a student, not a client.

Online MBA professionals believe that company management is rich in diversity, not based on a unique and meaningful only if it respects the basic human values. Without ethics and respect for these values, management is not sustainable. ? they also believe in a strong human dimension: small group work (24 students maximum per group), real-help among students, sponsoring cross-promotions, networking. Concept of management leads us to prefer the group's success to individual achievement.

Many candidates do not just want to study abroad, they also want to work and live. If you wish to pursue careers abroad, then the MBA is a good option. These studies suggest a real relationship and exchange with other students, readers and tutors. The Online MBA are a real springboard to the world of work.
The true value of an MBA is the capacity for reflection and decision of its graduates. Our goal is to focus on developing your thinking skills and analysis. It is not to disseminate managerial modes.

Drupal Development For That Small Business Administration's Website

Drupal Development For That Small Business Administration's Website
Drupal Web Development

Promet is very specialist for you to drupal web developement. No matter if this drupal web development has in order to do with module developements, web application developement, etc, we are a business that attitudes the Drupal platform and are regularly doing work in order to aid, enhance, and take it for you to the following degree.

Regarding drupal development on target on modules, whenever we run across litigant qualification that can't be solved with latest Drupal Modules and extension cables we dont think twice to find a solution, we construct it ourselves. If there isnt a module that may fix the condition, our experts build our personal solution and add this module towards group for other to use.

Exactly what is a module?
Simply speaking, a module is an expansion in the Core (basic) Drupal platform. Say you acquire an automobile that has its basic features (it is a core). Whenever you buy other extras for your car for instance; remote start, snow tires, better radio, you expand the cars performance. It's this that a module does with Drupal, adds functionality in order to a rudimentary website.

By characterization, Promet is a Drupal Developement comany. We want in order to enahnce drupal through drupal developements and database support. Promet is a leading drupal development shop that primarily focuses on open source Drupal technology. our laser focus gives us an advantage to understand how it operates, ways for you to use it, and what it can do for your business. We simply drupal developement and open source. We've used Drupal in lots of countris. We've been involed in some of the larget governement efforts moving into Drupal, from drupal development for that Small Business Administration's website to be able to migrating a large number of nodes of content for the U.S Chamber.

Our Drupal spcialization benefits you, the shopper, since you know any member of we understands this system inside and out. Currently expert drupal development and integration. The reality is, romet Source has contributed greatly in order to Drupal Developement and it is not merely our focus and expertise, it is our life.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is the power of a farmer to produce food in such a way that the environment and surrounding ecosystem, is unaffected by their agricultural activities. There are 2 problems that are connected with this kind of agricultural activity which are the biophysical issue and social-economic issue. Biophysical is connected to the biological activities like crop rotation, usage of fertilizers and artificial nutrients and the provision of the other resources such as water, wind and sunlight whereas social-economic is concerned with the utilization of farmers, the price of production and total yield.

Talking regarding the physical attributes of sustainability, it is not properly understood. Most farming practices show that the tip results of these practices has resulted in soil erosion, salination and water-logging. Most forests and tropical areas have lost their fertility due to over-cultivation and standard farming techniques.

These standard farming techniques are being replaced by sustainable agriculture techniques. These techniques embody usage of modern fertilizers, genetically-built crops, artificial nutrients and usage of renewable sources of energy.

There are many sustainable techniques for extracting nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which are essential for plant growth. For nitrogen, we have a tendency to will use nitrogen-fixing bacteria's and therefore the Haber Process to industrially extract nitrogen from the air. As so much as phosphorous and potassium are concerned, right amounts of them can be mixed with nitrogen to provide high-yielding fertilizers.

In most areas, rainfall is sufficient to cater the wants of water supply however in other areas irrigation is required. These irrigation systems should be properly used so as to form the simplest use of the water available. Channels ought to have proper and adequate distribution. Moreover water logging and excessive use of chemicals ought to be avoided as these result in salination. Some technologies like tube wells and water drilling have significantly increased the unfold and availability of water.

Natural Resources nowadays are scarce and bad agriculture practices mean their extinction. Moreover, these habits additionally contribute a hand to pollution and injury of the ecosystem. Crops at the time of their distribution should be accounted for the sustainability equation. This suggests that all the expenses of crop production and distribution should be taken in account before doing the ultimate cost profit analysis.

There is a huge dialogue between different businesses, farmers and scientists on creating the agriculture sustainable. One in all the few practices can be growing many crops in a very single field. This will cut back the loss of nutrients and can eliminate the chance of soil erosion. On the opposite hand, climate and water resources will be best utilized. Monoculture is another methodology that pertains to sustainable agriculture. This method consists of growing solely one crop during a field, however it's not highly inspired as a result of it can lead to soil losing it's fertility overtime.

Over-grazing is additionally one issue that is contributing to soil erosion. This factor's impact can be greatly reduced by introducing a sustainable approach known as grazing management that include dividing grazing space into paddocks that are simple to manage and takes less space.

The sustainable agriculture will have an effect on the general food yield and it needs to extend as a result of of ever-increasing world population however these techniques typically do negatively affect the setting e.g. usage of fertilizers use to eutrophication and burning of forests to clear land for cultivation may cause carbon dioxide emissions. Some exponents who favour sustainable agriculture agree on using organic farming. Though this method yields comparatively low but will be used as another in those areas that are drought-pronged. It's an expensive methodology however if individuals are educated concerning the usage of this technique, then there are honest possibilities that it can be used widely and new techniques can be introduced which will increase the output in future.

Another recent concepts that has flocked in market to realize sustainability demands the introduction of vertical farms that can isolate the crop from pests, offer full year production and on-website production. Again, price is the key concern which disallows this sustainable agriculture technique.

We have a tendency to can simply deduce the fact that sustainable agriculture is the necessity if modern world however issues are to be made as the implementation of these techniques isn't quite possible and requires some thought. Though, very beneficial this system still remains a dream for beneath-developed and developing nations.

An Yank Royal Hotel Offers Access to World's Best Agricultural Celebration

An Yank Royal Hotel Offers Access to World's Best Agricultural Celebration

No one will a celebration quite like Kansas City, and Yank Royal is the town's 3-month celebration of agriculture and also the cowboy culture. With thus a lot of to see and do, you should contemplate staying at a fine American Royal hotel so you'll relish several days of fun. Every of the host hotels is just minutes from Kemper Arena and also the legendary stockyards, two areas sponsoring a multitude of Royal events.

A parade in late September kicks off the event and draws millions of visitors to Kansas City, but the fun continues for weeks with rodeos, horse shows, auctions and a variety of dining experiences guaranteeing fun for the adults. Families will conjointly notice plenty of excitement for the children with petting zoos, youngsters's rodeo events and instructional and exploration booths founded to show kids all there's to understand concerning agriculture, livestock and the good Yankee West. Also, concerts give nice music and the chance to dance a touch during a variety of settings from come back-as-you-are casual to black tie elegance.

Yank Royal Dining Adventures
Some of the best events at Yank Royal involve food. On October 1-4, the planet's largest barbeque contest takes up twenty acres of the Stockyards District. Over five hundred barbeque consultants from around the planet gather to compete in four competitions to earn the correct to decision themselves American Royal Barbeque Champions. An American Royal hotel will be the proper place to unwind once sampling miles of barbeque beef, pork or lamb. Therefore be positive to book a room where you can relax and nap between lunch and dinner. There is no means to get through all of the barbeque stands in one meal!
If you are inquisitive about a gentleman's night out with traditional prime shelf drinks and dining, take into account Tablesteaks. This exclusive men's only evening features the finest whiskeys and cigars as a lead-in to a dinner of Kansas Town's finest steaks. You may fancy an evening learning the secrets of fine whiskey and cigars with the leaders of Yankee Royal whereas contributing to their annual scholarship fund.

For the ultimate in drinking and dining pleasure, book a room at an Yankee Royal hotel for the weekend of the annual Black Tie and Tails Finale on November 21. You may want to remain late and enjoy the final night's outstanding celebration as well as a black tie buffet dinner and cocktails followed by the ultimate rodeo of the Yankee Royal's 2009 season. After the rodeo, a stunning candlelight dessert and low bar can end the evening on a gracious note.

Bring the Children to American Royal
If you are wanting for family fun, the American Royal encompasses a day set aside simply for you. Family Fun Day is October twenty four, and you'll be busy from sun-up to bedtime with activities for all ages. Rodeo University will offer every little cow poke the opportunity to find out a little bit about roping and riding. Follow this up with a trip to one of the simplest petting zoos within the west.

Hands-on activities and demonstrations at the ADM World of Agriculture can provide your children a brand new appreciation for all that our agricultural families do for us. The Community Stage will feature lots of music and entertainment all day long, and you'll be able to drop by the Western Marketplace for everything from jewellery to cowboy boots. One amongst the foremost anticipated exhibits each year is the K-State piglet birthing clinic, positive to elicit squeals of delight.

Pure Western Fun
After all, one amongst the most common options of Yankee Royal is the rodeo and alternative competitions. Whether or not you love barrel racing or bronco busting, there is forever lots of pleasure and friendly competition. This year you'll want to remain a minimum of 3 or four days therefore you'll catch as a lot of of the action as you can.

The final event is the official American Royal Pro Rodeo, running October 22-twenty four, with over $ one hundred fifty,000 in prize money. Bull Riding is featured on October 31 and November one, with Girls's Barrel Racing running November five through the 8. The Youth Rodeo Invitational from October nineteen-24 options the most effective student rodeo participants from across the country in events like bronco busting, barrel racing and mutton busting for the youngest cowboys and cowgirls.

All about Masters of business administration

All about Masters of business administration
Masters of business Administration i.e. MBA is the most of the people choice who have done their Graduation or pursuing Graduation. In the last few years the scope of MBA is at its peak. Every person wants to make career in MBA. Due to the growth of World Economy the Demand for MBA professional are increasing day by day. This MBA program is not only popular amongst the fresh graduates like B.COM, BCA, BBA, etc but also among other disciplines i.e. Engineers, CA, CS, ICWA etc. Candidates from any disciplines can do this MBA program through various ways.
Why MBA?
The MBA is the professional qualification which requires some basic minimum requirements for some good prospects. Study MBA will provide more exposure, Knowledge and help the person to think HR in a well defined manner. The Major reasons behind the MBA prospect are Intellectual Knowledge, Increased Skill, Personal satisfaction, Widening of skills, change in career direction etc.
The Various MBA streams are MBA Finance, MBA International Business, MBA Finance
MBA HR, MBA Sales & Marketing, MBA Operations and MBA Retail etc. Basically MBA is all about learning management functions in corporate business and also about planning, strategy which could make you feel as a management owner.
There are several reasons why most of the candidates choose MBA as their career.
a) The Career in MBA provides you the Improved and better career as compare to any other professional course. With MBA many professionals are given the chance to improve their career. The MBA candidate will become more respectful in the organization because of their MBA education background.
b) After completing the MBA education degrees, the candidate becomes more competitive in the field of expertise. This means that the students after finishing their MBA degrees get greater advantages as compare to bachelor’s degrees candidates. MBAs degree owner have the edge to apply for several positions in industries.
c) MBA graduated are provided higher compensations and several other facilities. MBA professionals who work in colleges and universities have greater chances of promotion from their present jobs prior to finishing their MBA program.
After pursuing MBA you will be able to boost yourself and get more confidence with inner strength to tackle any nature of problem occurred during the job. MBA program is also god for those who wants to set up their own business. This programs provides you the knowledge related to Business administration in which you will be able to open your own business and learn how to successful manage your business. 


Six Agricultural Chemical Stocks Potentially Upside Up to 128%

Six Agricultural Chemical Stocks Potentially Upside Up to 128%

The U.S. is one the world’s top exporters in chemical industry. According to data released, .8 million was spent on pesticides, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals in 2010. There is a growing demand in the global fertilizer market sees growing demand. Thus, prices of products also rise, helping agricultural chemical companies improve profitability. From now on, it is a good time to start investment in agricultural chemical stocks which may have 6%-128% upside with strong buy, hold ratings. The following are 6 agricultural chemical stocks that have potential upside in the upcoming 12 months.

Monsanto has recently reported an 8% increase in net sales in the first three months of 2011. The company expects earnings per share in the range of .72 and .82 for the full year.

Monsanto is the world’s provider of agricultural products for farmers. The company is mainly engaged in three segments: seeds, genomics, and agricultural productivity.


Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan operates five potash mines in Saskatchewan and one in New Brunswick. The company accounts for 20 percent of the world market share.


Potash’s stocks are expected to gain an average of 13.2% to .7 this year.

Agrium is one of three companies (along with Potash Corp and Mosaic) which are likely to gain robustly from rising prices and volumes in the upcoming 2-3 years. Last year, the company earned 4 million. Its net sales rose to .52 million from .13 million the preceding year.

Agrium produces and wholesales nutrients for agricultural and industrial markets. The company consists of three business units: wholesale, retail, and advanced technologies.


Last year, Syngenta’s sales rose 6 percent to .6 billion. For full year 2010, its dividend rose 32% in terms of dollar. The company has signed a distribution agreement with Marrone for exclusive distribution rights in EAME region.

Syngenta believes that the integration of its crop protection and seeds business will result in cost saving of about 0 million.

In April 2010, CF Industries Holdings merged with Terra Industries. The deal was worth .7 billion. For full-year 2010, its subsidiary, Terra Nitrogen Company, earned 1.6 million on sales of 4.6 million.

CF Industries Holdings manufactures and distributes nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer products. The company mainly operates in the Midwestern grain-producing states.

China Green Agriculture targets to reach between .8 million and .6 million. Its earnings per share will range from 31 cents to 32 cents. The company will provide Sinoagri Holding with 165,000 tons of binary acid compound fertilizer products.

China Green Agriculture is mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling fertilizer products. The company aims to earn 0 million by 2015 and billion by 2020.