Travel Domestically or Internationally with Business Travel Insurance

Travel Domestically or Internationally with Business Travel Insurance

Business travel insurance has been specially designed for professionals who need to travel a lot for business purposes. Insurance plans are available for both domestic and international traveling. While purchasing an insurance policy, you will have to mention whether you require insurance for overseas traveling or domestic traveling. Different plans at different premiums are available. You can choose any one of them depending upon your unique requirements and the required coverage.

Whether you are going on a purely business trip or combining business with leisure, you can take advantage of business trip insurance. It is available for all the individuals who travel across the country or the world for business reasons. Whether you're traveling to look for business opportunities or for sales and promotion, this particular plan suits all your requirements.

The best part is that it is available on both single trip and multi-trip basis. Now with this, you no longer need to worry about your safety and security. Wherever you travel around the world, it follows you everywhere. You can travel without any stress and tension.

Usually, it includes medical cover, personal belongings cover and personal money cover. If you intend to add more components your business travel insurance, you have complete freedom to do the same. You just don't need to rely on standard insurance plans. You can customize it depending upon your specifications and preferences. Apart from this, you can also decide the level of cover. For this you need to analyze the degree of risk associate with your travel.

Business travel insurance UK is readily available in the market. But you need to be very careful in deciding your insurance company. Make a thorough market research and find out a reputed and trusted company that offers you the best possible plans at very reasonable prices. You can also ask for personal assistance if you require it.

Find out all reputed and trusted insurance companies and ask for online insurance quotes. Once you receive them, you can then compare them on the basis of their premium, level of coverage, additional benefits and customer support services. Choose the one that suits your requirements and budget.


Completion of Medication Administration Records

Completion of Medication Administration Records

One of the biggest challenges care organisations have is in ensuring that they have good Medication Administration Records and that their nurses and care staff actually complete them correctly. I recently had the pleasure of the company of a gentleman from the Care Quality Commission who told me that medication issues are still the greatest area of concern during inspection visits and particularly record keeping. So what are the issues and how can we get it right?

What information should be on a MAR?

The guidance states that a MAR should contain the name and address of the service user, a start date so that I know which record is current or for reference should I need to go an look back at a certain date, the medication details i.e. the name, strength, form, clear dosage instructions and times of day, to state "contents of box" or nomad or dossette not acceptable, if you have codes for administration then the key for those codes needs to be clearly stated on the MAR, some where for the nurse or carer to either sign or initial, if initials are used there needs to be a master record kept in the office of whose initials tally with which carer or nurse.

Any other information on the MAR is not necessary but may make the MAR more robust when in use and so may have quantities received and returned for example, or GP details etc.

Who is responsible for providing the MAR and entering the information?

Legally it is the responsibility of the care organisation to provide the MAR and to put the information on it. Many care homes will have their MAR's provided by their pharmacy but it actually is a complimentary service to them, pharmacy have no legal or contractual obligation to provide MAR's at all. There is no official template or recommended format for a MAR and so there are many different types and as long as they meet the requirements above and are filled in correctly it's what works best for your organisation. The medication information for each client should be entered by the company and any changes to medication should also be made by the care company, written in legibly in ink, if the medication has changed, put a line through the old medication and re-write the new on a new line of the MAR, preferably checked by another person, signed, dated and a note to say on who's authority was the change made.

Codes for Administration

There are no official codes for administration or guidance given as to what they should be so it is up to the care organisation to decide what information it requires the nurse or carer to record. Good practice would be to have codes for administered, reminded, observed, not taken, refused, dose measured, on leave, in hospital,etc.

Record keeping at the time of administration

Training in how to complete MAR's is essential if you are to ensure that your teams do it correctly at all times. You should have in place a system to identify where mistakes are being made or records are not being completed properly so that that carer or nurse can be spoken to, given additional guidance and training and standards enforced.

At the time of administration team members must sign or initial the MAR in the appropriate space and an indication of how they supported, this may be by using a code as discussed above. If the person did not require medication the carer or nurse should still sign and add a code to explain that the client didn't require it. Please do not leave records blank as gaps create questions and uncertainty about what happened at that time. If it was a controlled drug administered by two people both should sign. If it was a variable dose for example "give 10ml or 20ml", exactly what dose was given should be recorded. If a dose is refused by the service user record that it was refused and why. Any over the counter remedies or homely remedies that you administer should also be detailed on the MAR.

For further information, training on record keeping or examples of good MAR's you might model contact or call 01793 700929

Wealth Masters International - A Business Opportunity in Review

Wealth Masters International - A Business Opportunity in Review

An Investor's Crossroad

With the growing uncertainty in today's economic stability, many people are taking charge of their own finances and going into business for themselves, or making personal investments where they can - at the very least - have some measure of control or oversight. In short, people have begun to see the error in being an "absentee landlord" and letting others take command of their finances.

To somehow make sure that this is successful, many of them are turning to the business opportunities offered by companies like Wealth Masters International.

What's in the Package? Wealth Masters International, simply put, is a network marketing business opportunity that, for a price, will allow the investor to access their trade secrets. The company guarantees that their package will help out investors in building up their respective networks, even if it is from the ground up.

With that said, their package is created to guide the investor throughout the entire venture, so that investors can attract people both online and in the real world.

This is a guarantee that is backed up by 15 years of Wall Street Investment experience from Kip Herriage, its co-founder. This can put the investor well on his way to be free from debt and have walk-away residual income.

The Investment The investor is now on the driver's seat, and Wealth Masters International will certainly let their investors take the wheel. This means that the "burden" (for lack of a better term) of the investor is not only to put in money, but effort, too. A certain amount of creativity, intelligence, and independence is also a must in order to succeed.

The company will guide the investors thoroughly and with insight, but it is not likely to hold their hands.

All in all, this is a small concession to make if one really would like to take the matter of their financial future into their own hands.

Agricultural Pollution

Agricultural Pollution

Agricultural pollution refers to the contaminants present in the environment as a result of agricultural practices. Most effects of agricultural pollution are felt in water environments and are caused by runoff from farms and barnyards such as ammonia, pesticides, fertilizers, oil toxins, and animal waste that make their way into bodies of water. Agricultural pollution also negatively affects the quality of air. Chemicals and byproducts from the agricultural industry are quite harmful to the natural environment and can pose a problem for humans as well. As the world's population continues to grow at a significant rate the demand for intense agriculture will remain high, and so combating agricultural pollution will be increasingly difficult. With this in mind, several alternatives to industrial agriculture, with its polluting tendencies, have been explored and are being utilized today.

Pesticides used to kill insects that feed on crops can cause much damage to the environment if used inappropriately.

Excessive pesticides remain in the soil after sprayings and are washed away by rain that forces them to be absorbed into groundwater. Avoiding pesticide contamination is a tricky process only feasible through careful containment practices. The same problem exists with the use of fertilizers. Excrements produced by cattle and other barnyard animals also cause pollution. The methane released from cow flatulence is also a type of greenhouse gas making it partly responsible for global warming. Emissions from the use of fossil fuels by tractors and other farm equipment used in agriculture also contribute to air pollution. Fires, which are not uncommon on farms, can be very detrimental to the environment if fertilizer or waste products are being burnt. The problem of agricultural pollution is not simply felt in regions in farming regions. Contaminates in rivers can be carried all the way to the ocean and polluted air can be blown to other areas with denser populations.

Agricultural pollution poses numerous human health problems. Chemicals that make their way into groundwater can eventually end up in water sources that are used for drinking. Blue baby syndrome, a disease that causes death in infants, is often caused by contaminated water. Pesticides released into the air and emissions from farm equipment cause difficulty breathing and a host of respiratory problems. Fertilizers, manure, waste, and ammonia that are present in water release nitrogen that reduces the amount of oxygen present resulting in the death of fish and other marine animals.

While industrial agriculture is the most efficient way to produce large quantities of food, the pollution associated with it raises many environmental and health concerns. In light of this, there has been a shift to organic farming which uses more natural ways to raise crops and livestock and avoids the use of harmful chemicals. The use of alternative crops that require less fertilizer because they are adapted to the environment in which they are grown also help to reduce agricultural pollution. However, the demand for cheaper and higher quantities of food as world population steadily rises will make changes in farming methods less likely and more difficult.

Administrative Concepts breaks new ground-- expanding its services into Florida's agriculture industry

Administrative Concepts breaks new ground-- expanding its services into Florida's agriculture industry

Southwest, Florida - Administrative Concepts, a Southwest Florida based Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its payroll and risk management services with a new outreach targeted towards Florida's agriculture industry.

Administrative Concepts has formed a joint venture with McKenzie & Sons, Inc., a third-generation citrus harvester headquartered in Frostproof, Florida, to develop the program. Owner Richard McKenzie has brought decades of experience to consult with Administrative Concepts and help tailor PEO services directed to the specific needs of all segments of the agriculture industry, from small family-owned farms to large conglomerations.

Agriculture is Florida's second largest industry with an estimated payroll of to 0 million, making it a natural fit for Administrative Concepts' innovative brand of comprehensive payroll and risk management services.

"The beauty of Administrative Concepts is that we allow our clients to focus on their core business without the distractions of paperwork and red tape," said co-founder George Bushong. "Too many business owners spend way too much time worrying about administrative details and wind up getting frustrated and stressed out. We relieve that burden and allow our clients, such as citrus growers, to devote their energies towards growing their business, which in this case, is oranges and grapefruit."

Administrative Concepts has opened a new office in Avon Park which specializes in employee leasing services for agriculture clients. Other services offered include all aspects of risk management, including workers' compensation claims management, workplace safety programs, OSHA compliance, unemployment claims and drug-free workplace programs; employment compliance details such as payroll taxes and personnel record maintenance, and payroll administration, which encompasses calculating and providing payroll checks, year-end tax forms, and online reports and payroll processing.

Administrative Concepts was founded by George Bushong and Sarah Peel in 1995 to assist business owners in the details of managing their companies, offering PEO services such as risk management, payroll and employee administration, government compliance, and employee benefits. Administrative Concepts is headquartered in Bradenton and has eight other offices throughout Florida, including Avon Park, Tampa, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Mary Esther, Naples, Pensacola and Port Orange. The company has been honored with multiple awards from Florida Trend, and Sarasota-Manatee Business Magazine, and was listed as the 18th largest privately owned company in the Tampa region by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Administrative Concepts has received additional recognition by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of their top-ten ranked PEOs.

Administrative Concepts is a member of the Four Corners of Excellence, a collaborative alliance of sister companies, joined by: Financial Concepts, Insurance Concepts and Employment Concepts. As a comprehensive family of companies, each corner specializes in a different aspect of business that collectively offers a broad spectrum of services for prospective and current clients.

For more information about Administrative Concepts and any of its professional service offerings, call (941) 744-1317 or visit or


Harwich in Essex - An International and Busy Port

Harwich in Essex - An International and Busy Port

Historic Harwich is a town located in north east of Essex, England. You can locate it on the estuaries of River Orwell and Stour. Unfortunately, being close to the North Sea, it was flooded in 1953. It has busy freight docks too.

It is a busy coastal town and also an international port. Harwich is sometimes used collectively for Harwich town, Dovercourt and Parkeston. Some new buildings have been constructed in the recent, which have give the town a modern look.

A stroll around the town can include the lighthouses and museums. The Harwich Redoubt Fort is an interesting monument and looks beautiful on the harbour. You can also enjoy the cruise ships around.

Since years many ships have anchored at Harwich. Located in the Tendring district, it is a Haven port. The St Nicholas Parish Church and Guildhall are two major buildings. Most shops are Victorian style.

It is an old town and you can see this in the preserved historical buildings around the town.

You may find Dovercourt to be more developed than Harwich. The Harwich High Lighthouse is worth a visit.

In the 1600s, it was a naval base. Not surprising given the great positioning of the place. The Electric Palace Cinema built in 1911 is still being used till date. The view of Harwick Docks are amazing. It is still UK's busiest passenger ferry port.

The popular sailors associated with the town are Christopher Jones and Christopher Newport. It has great maritime history as well. The Ha Penny Visitor Centre is located in The Quay.

You can take a ferry to Holland, Netherlands and Denmark from the Harwich International port. Major part of the old town or Old Harwich is a conservation area now. The town has great architectural and historical heritage.

Agricultural Machinery: Leasing Them Is The Current Trend

Agricultural Machinery: Leasing Them Is The Current Trend

Farmers generally get involve in two types of agricultural activities - Subsistence agriculture & profit making agriculture. In the first type of farming, farmers produce only self-sufficient amount of grains or any other related things which is needed for their livelihood. And they don’t do it for making any profit or get involved in a business process.

Most of the time farmers from third world developing countries involve in such type of farming activities. On the contrary, western farmers farm to gain huge profits from their produced materials. No wonder, this type of farming needs huge amount of agricultural machinery like tillage equipment, aerators, grinders and various others.

Farmers, who are involved in profit making farming, have to lease agricultural equipment.

This will be almost impossible for a farmer to won each and every equipment for a farmer. Be it huge tillage equipment or may be a hand aerator - whatever it is, farmers need to lease one or more equipment while venturing into agriculture.

If you are willing to explore this business prospect while being into the genre of agriculture, it is advisable to own equipments which farmers will need for every season. Or maybe they will lease equipments on cycle basis. Crops are seasonal. Agricultural machinery like tillage equipment is a common thing usable in every type of harvesting; but you can also lease equipments which are needed for specific type of farming only.

No need to mention that, as there is a huge amount of money involved so fairness and trust has to be there.

And as the task of agriculture asks for a lot of time, thus you need to be a lot more patient here apart from the other businessmen. Farmers may need your equipment for a longer time, if natural things like rains and drought are not their way. So be a little open for these things as well.

On the other hand if you can manage to give some training to the farmers who are availing agricultural machinery from you, you will certainly be the most preferred equipment lease-giver of your area. So make it a point that you know everything about the equipments you handle and help others with your knowledge as well for a better business as well as human prospect.

Policy Administration Software

Policy Administration Software

Insurance policy administration software is a flexible, next generation, rule based administration system that enables the insurers or carriers to proactively adapt to the need of dramatic regulatory and market changes. This insurance software for annuities and life insurance is designed to improvise the market speed, total cost reduction of ownership, provide elasticity for competitive advantage by facilitating pioneer inventive product development, and genuinely transfer the business. The modern web based technology of policy administration aims to support new business and sales, billing, policy issues, collection, claims management software and policy processing in multiple degree of business. The flexibility of the insurance software provides the insurers the ability to rapidly bring out new products to the market and overtake their competitors by capturing additional market shares and eventually increase profit.

It also provides the insurers the ability to virtually produce boundless new products that are free from the restrictions of tradition technologies. Moreover it also helps the insurers to make transactions through business regulations. The policy administration software encourages new product creation in the market and freeing the insurers from the age old traditional policy system. This software provides the capability to make changes in the system without touching the inner code which includes fields, languages, products, currencies and screens. The administration software includes experts to guide the insurers in their required tasks and a visual system palette with a drag and drop functionality. The standard based planning of the administration software enables easy adaptation with other negotiator systems like new business and underwriting, illustrations, Claims management software, rating, billing, customer services and more. It even allows easy adaptation with different back office systems and existing traditional systems, so that the insurers can successfully recreate their application portfolio while avoiding software replacement. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the policy administration system software. • The administration software provides support and framework to different range of insurance products. • This software helps the insurers to clone a product and redesign it to produce new products. • It also offers the insurers with multi-line-of-business support on one system software. • It helps in reducing total cost of ownership by merging traditional systems. • It also reduces the trouble of market conduct review with a documented review trail. • It also enables the user to bring new products to the market by providing easy to use product improvement tools. • It also provides synchronized access to policy information, enhancing self service facilities for distribution channels and customers. • It even allows international carriers to observe local rules, reduce IT costs and improve speed. Acquiring the policy administration software is imperative to ensure that your organization is a step ahead of competition when it comes to processing transactions and upholding customer satisfaction.

Online Agriculture Studies

Online Agriculture Studies

Today a large amount of economic trade between countries is the exchange of agricultural goods. This market of the economy deals with more than just the actual exchange of goods. There are a wide range of responsibilities within the industry that individuals can learn through online education. Many accredited online schools offer degree distinctions in every facet of the agricultural industry. Prospective students interested in this field of study will be able to earn their education solely through online agriculture studies.

In its most basic definition agriculture is the production of food and products through some form of farming. Study in this area can have students learning about a wide range of disciplines through online agriculture schools and colleges. Students can earn an education online from an associate's degree to a PhD in the field.

The options for a concentration are vast, which allows students to earn an education in a specific part of the industry they are most interested in. Specific concentrations include:
Agricultural Economics
Environmental Sustainability

…and more. Education requirements will vary depending on the college selected and what degree a student is trying to obtain.

An associate's degree or bachelor's degree will give students a foundation of principles and procedures to build upon whether they enter the professional work place or gain more education. Most degree programs at this level could take two to four years for a student to complete.

Concepts and topics covered in undergraduate studies include biology, agricultural research, basic methods of production of products, farm life in connection with how livestock and plants are grown, how to take soil samples, and much more.

Students who continue education and obtain a master's or a PhD could be studying agriculture for another three to six years depending on the concentration the student has selected. A master's degree program will give students knowledge directly related to one area. Many programs focus on a specific area and enable students with the techniques to successfully manage agricultural procedures for the area they are studying. Skills that could be learned include how to run a ranch, analyze crops, and how to use certain equipment for job related tasks. Upon completion students will be able to enter higher education at the PhD level or transition into the industry in pursuit of their career.

Gaining a PhD in the field will greatly benefit a student who wants to enter the top levels of work within the industry. As a result the schooling process is not a super fast one but an in depth study into the specific area of agriculture a student is going into. Study at this level not only requires more knowledge but it tests the student's knowledge. PhD programs will have students immersed in high-level courses and seminars. Doctoral students are required at the end of coursework to present a dissertation proposal, conduct research, and finally present and defend their dissertation. PhD options in the field are wide and students can choose from concentrations that include horticulture, soil science, forestry, agronomy, and more.

Don't let your passion of agriculture pass you by. Start on your career path today by enrolling in an accredited degree program. The Distance Education and Training Council approved programs for full accreditation in order to prove that they can offer a quality educational experience. Search out online agriculture schools and colleges that offer degree programs and concentrations that fit your career goals and schedule.


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Master Degree In Business Administration

Master Degree In Business Administration

An MBA is actually a Master Degree in Business Administration - Master in Business Administration (MBA). MBA students are not necessarily specialists in finance or marketing. Found in this category include military students, architects, doctors, etc.. It is against mandatory to have a professional experience first. Our program, the Pre-MBA, provides two quarters: one quarter of intensive English and a quarter on the combined courses of GMAT test preparation courses and Master courses common to all concentrations. You can also transfer your file to another university and have advanced standing, or do not follow this program than on some quarters as further studies to enhance your CV.

Participation in the Pre-MBA program does not always guarantee admission to MBA, but prepares the candidate. Admission to the Master has been requested either before departure or during the Pre-MBA program, according to the time that the candidate wishes to remain at the university as part of his studies.

The Master program is designed for students wishing to specialize after completing a Masters in India.

distance learning mba can also be an advantage if the pursuit of career is in his own country. This experience abroad allows graduates to think globally and understand the interconnections and global markets. This knowledge can also be very useful for companies locally. As already mentioned, an MBA abroad can represent a significant cost. This raises the question whether an MBA abroad worth for his own career. The MBA is a degree that prepares students for business as leaders. The student can choose from several "concentrations":

* Management Science
* Marketing Management
* Accounting
* Business Economics
* Computer Information Systems
* Finance
* Human Resources Management
* International Business
* New Venture / Small Business Management
* Operations and Materials Management
* Operations Research
* Strategic Management
* Taxation
* Telecommunications Management

The online MBA program is also taught as an intensive residential block. It prepares managers for their action research and dissertation writing. Participants develop knowledge and skills in systematically resolving a major problem in their organization, using rigorous qualitative action research methods. Potential supervisors of dissertation will be invited to attend the firs session on standards, expectations, the role and function of the supervisor, university rules and regulations, communication between and responsibilities on the part of, the associates and supervisors.
The purpose of executive MBA is to avoid the usual problems of attrition and late submissions rates in master degree programs. And one more thing the written assignment is different for MBA (Executive) candidates and those who wish to exit with a diploma in management. The former group will focus on dissertation design and rationale, including problem definition, significance of the project, method and time schedule. The latter group will focus on practical application of business research within their organization.
We are a University (located in Paris), a public teaching and research. We

are the first French university accredited by EQUIS.

- We believe that the MBA is not a commodity and that education is not a market, the commercial sense: we believe that a MBA does not "sell" it as a consumer product

and for you to choose the MBA that fits your values.

- The Dauphine Executive MBA does "not buy" if you are selected, you will need a lot ... a lot of work to graduate. You will be a student, not a client.

Online MBA professionals believe that company management is rich in diversity, not based on a unique and meaningful only if it respects the basic human values. Without ethics and respect for these values, management is not sustainable. ? they also believe in a strong human dimension: small group work (24 students maximum per group), real-help among students, sponsoring cross-promotions, networking. Concept of management leads us to prefer the group's success to individual achievement.

Many candidates do not just want to study abroad, they also want to work and live. If you wish to pursue careers abroad, then the MBA is a good option. These studies suggest a real relationship and exchange with other students, readers and tutors. The Online MBA are a real springboard to the world of work.
The true value of an MBA is the capacity for reflection and decision of its graduates. Our goal is to focus on developing your thinking skills and analysis. It is not to disseminate managerial modes.

Drupal Development For That Small Business Administration's Website

Drupal Development For That Small Business Administration's Website
Drupal Web Development

Promet is very specialist for you to drupal web developement. No matter if this drupal web development has in order to do with module developements, web application developement, etc, we are a business that attitudes the Drupal platform and are regularly doing work in order to aid, enhance, and take it for you to the following degree.

Regarding drupal development on target on modules, whenever we run across litigant qualification that can't be solved with latest Drupal Modules and extension cables we dont think twice to find a solution, we construct it ourselves. If there isnt a module that may fix the condition, our experts build our personal solution and add this module towards group for other to use.

Exactly what is a module?
Simply speaking, a module is an expansion in the Core (basic) Drupal platform. Say you acquire an automobile that has its basic features (it is a core). Whenever you buy other extras for your car for instance; remote start, snow tires, better radio, you expand the cars performance. It's this that a module does with Drupal, adds functionality in order to a rudimentary website.

By characterization, Promet is a Drupal Developement comany. We want in order to enahnce drupal through drupal developements and database support. Promet is a leading drupal development shop that primarily focuses on open source Drupal technology. our laser focus gives us an advantage to understand how it operates, ways for you to use it, and what it can do for your business. We simply drupal developement and open source. We've used Drupal in lots of countris. We've been involed in some of the larget governement efforts moving into Drupal, from drupal development for that Small Business Administration's website to be able to migrating a large number of nodes of content for the U.S Chamber.

Our Drupal spcialization benefits you, the shopper, since you know any member of we understands this system inside and out. Currently expert drupal development and integration. The reality is, romet Source has contributed greatly in order to Drupal Developement and it is not merely our focus and expertise, it is our life.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is the power of a farmer to produce food in such a way that the environment and surrounding ecosystem, is unaffected by their agricultural activities. There are 2 problems that are connected with this kind of agricultural activity which are the biophysical issue and social-economic issue. Biophysical is connected to the biological activities like crop rotation, usage of fertilizers and artificial nutrients and the provision of the other resources such as water, wind and sunlight whereas social-economic is concerned with the utilization of farmers, the price of production and total yield.

Talking regarding the physical attributes of sustainability, it is not properly understood. Most farming practices show that the tip results of these practices has resulted in soil erosion, salination and water-logging. Most forests and tropical areas have lost their fertility due to over-cultivation and standard farming techniques.

These standard farming techniques are being replaced by sustainable agriculture techniques. These techniques embody usage of modern fertilizers, genetically-built crops, artificial nutrients and usage of renewable sources of energy.

There are many sustainable techniques for extracting nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which are essential for plant growth. For nitrogen, we have a tendency to will use nitrogen-fixing bacteria's and therefore the Haber Process to industrially extract nitrogen from the air. As so much as phosphorous and potassium are concerned, right amounts of them can be mixed with nitrogen to provide high-yielding fertilizers.

In most areas, rainfall is sufficient to cater the wants of water supply however in other areas irrigation is required. These irrigation systems should be properly used so as to form the simplest use of the water available. Channels ought to have proper and adequate distribution. Moreover water logging and excessive use of chemicals ought to be avoided as these result in salination. Some technologies like tube wells and water drilling have significantly increased the unfold and availability of water.

Natural Resources nowadays are scarce and bad agriculture practices mean their extinction. Moreover, these habits additionally contribute a hand to pollution and injury of the ecosystem. Crops at the time of their distribution should be accounted for the sustainability equation. This suggests that all the expenses of crop production and distribution should be taken in account before doing the ultimate cost profit analysis.

There is a huge dialogue between different businesses, farmers and scientists on creating the agriculture sustainable. One in all the few practices can be growing many crops in a very single field. This will cut back the loss of nutrients and can eliminate the chance of soil erosion. On the opposite hand, climate and water resources will be best utilized. Monoculture is another methodology that pertains to sustainable agriculture. This method consists of growing solely one crop during a field, however it's not highly inspired as a result of it can lead to soil losing it's fertility overtime.

Over-grazing is additionally one issue that is contributing to soil erosion. This factor's impact can be greatly reduced by introducing a sustainable approach known as grazing management that include dividing grazing space into paddocks that are simple to manage and takes less space.

The sustainable agriculture will have an effect on the general food yield and it needs to extend as a result of of ever-increasing world population however these techniques typically do negatively affect the setting e.g. usage of fertilizers use to eutrophication and burning of forests to clear land for cultivation may cause carbon dioxide emissions. Some exponents who favour sustainable agriculture agree on using organic farming. Though this method yields comparatively low but will be used as another in those areas that are drought-pronged. It's an expensive methodology however if individuals are educated concerning the usage of this technique, then there are honest possibilities that it can be used widely and new techniques can be introduced which will increase the output in future.

Another recent concepts that has flocked in market to realize sustainability demands the introduction of vertical farms that can isolate the crop from pests, offer full year production and on-website production. Again, price is the key concern which disallows this sustainable agriculture technique.

We have a tendency to can simply deduce the fact that sustainable agriculture is the necessity if modern world however issues are to be made as the implementation of these techniques isn't quite possible and requires some thought. Though, very beneficial this system still remains a dream for beneath-developed and developing nations.

An Yank Royal Hotel Offers Access to World's Best Agricultural Celebration

An Yank Royal Hotel Offers Access to World's Best Agricultural Celebration

No one will a celebration quite like Kansas City, and Yank Royal is the town's 3-month celebration of agriculture and also the cowboy culture. With thus a lot of to see and do, you should contemplate staying at a fine American Royal hotel so you'll relish several days of fun. Every of the host hotels is just minutes from Kemper Arena and also the legendary stockyards, two areas sponsoring a multitude of Royal events.

A parade in late September kicks off the event and draws millions of visitors to Kansas City, but the fun continues for weeks with rodeos, horse shows, auctions and a variety of dining experiences guaranteeing fun for the adults. Families will conjointly notice plenty of excitement for the children with petting zoos, youngsters's rodeo events and instructional and exploration booths founded to show kids all there's to understand concerning agriculture, livestock and the good Yankee West. Also, concerts give nice music and the chance to dance a touch during a variety of settings from come back-as-you-are casual to black tie elegance.

Yank Royal Dining Adventures
Some of the best events at Yank Royal involve food. On October 1-4, the planet's largest barbeque contest takes up twenty acres of the Stockyards District. Over five hundred barbeque consultants from around the planet gather to compete in four competitions to earn the correct to decision themselves American Royal Barbeque Champions. An American Royal hotel will be the proper place to unwind once sampling miles of barbeque beef, pork or lamb. Therefore be positive to book a room where you can relax and nap between lunch and dinner. There is no means to get through all of the barbeque stands in one meal!
If you are inquisitive about a gentleman's night out with traditional prime shelf drinks and dining, take into account Tablesteaks. This exclusive men's only evening features the finest whiskeys and cigars as a lead-in to a dinner of Kansas Town's finest steaks. You may fancy an evening learning the secrets of fine whiskey and cigars with the leaders of Yankee Royal whereas contributing to their annual scholarship fund.

For the ultimate in drinking and dining pleasure, book a room at an Yankee Royal hotel for the weekend of the annual Black Tie and Tails Finale on November 21. You may want to remain late and enjoy the final night's outstanding celebration as well as a black tie buffet dinner and cocktails followed by the ultimate rodeo of the Yankee Royal's 2009 season. After the rodeo, a stunning candlelight dessert and low bar can end the evening on a gracious note.

Bring the Children to American Royal
If you are wanting for family fun, the American Royal encompasses a day set aside simply for you. Family Fun Day is October twenty four, and you'll be busy from sun-up to bedtime with activities for all ages. Rodeo University will offer every little cow poke the opportunity to find out a little bit about roping and riding. Follow this up with a trip to one of the simplest petting zoos within the west.

Hands-on activities and demonstrations at the ADM World of Agriculture can provide your children a brand new appreciation for all that our agricultural families do for us. The Community Stage will feature lots of music and entertainment all day long, and you'll be able to drop by the Western Marketplace for everything from jewellery to cowboy boots. One amongst the foremost anticipated exhibits each year is the K-State piglet birthing clinic, positive to elicit squeals of delight.

Pure Western Fun
After all, one amongst the most common options of Yankee Royal is the rodeo and alternative competitions. Whether or not you love barrel racing or bronco busting, there is forever lots of pleasure and friendly competition. This year you'll want to remain a minimum of 3 or four days therefore you'll catch as a lot of of the action as you can.

The final event is the official American Royal Pro Rodeo, running October 22-twenty four, with over $ one hundred fifty,000 in prize money. Bull Riding is featured on October 31 and November one, with Girls's Barrel Racing running November five through the 8. The Youth Rodeo Invitational from October nineteen-24 options the most effective student rodeo participants from across the country in events like bronco busting, barrel racing and mutton busting for the youngest cowboys and cowgirls.

All about Masters of business administration

All about Masters of business administration
Masters of business Administration i.e. MBA is the most of the people choice who have done their Graduation or pursuing Graduation. In the last few years the scope of MBA is at its peak. Every person wants to make career in MBA. Due to the growth of World Economy the Demand for MBA professional are increasing day by day. This MBA program is not only popular amongst the fresh graduates like B.COM, BCA, BBA, etc but also among other disciplines i.e. Engineers, CA, CS, ICWA etc. Candidates from any disciplines can do this MBA program through various ways.
Why MBA?
The MBA is the professional qualification which requires some basic minimum requirements for some good prospects. Study MBA will provide more exposure, Knowledge and help the person to think HR in a well defined manner. The Major reasons behind the MBA prospect are Intellectual Knowledge, Increased Skill, Personal satisfaction, Widening of skills, change in career direction etc.
The Various MBA streams are MBA Finance, MBA International Business, MBA Finance
MBA HR, MBA Sales & Marketing, MBA Operations and MBA Retail etc. Basically MBA is all about learning management functions in corporate business and also about planning, strategy which could make you feel as a management owner.
There are several reasons why most of the candidates choose MBA as their career.
a) The Career in MBA provides you the Improved and better career as compare to any other professional course. With MBA many professionals are given the chance to improve their career. The MBA candidate will become more respectful in the organization because of their MBA education background.
b) After completing the MBA education degrees, the candidate becomes more competitive in the field of expertise. This means that the students after finishing their MBA degrees get greater advantages as compare to bachelor’s degrees candidates. MBAs degree owner have the edge to apply for several positions in industries.
c) MBA graduated are provided higher compensations and several other facilities. MBA professionals who work in colleges and universities have greater chances of promotion from their present jobs prior to finishing their MBA program.
After pursuing MBA you will be able to boost yourself and get more confidence with inner strength to tackle any nature of problem occurred during the job. MBA program is also god for those who wants to set up their own business. This programs provides you the knowledge related to Business administration in which you will be able to open your own business and learn how to successful manage your business. 


Six Agricultural Chemical Stocks Potentially Upside Up to 128%

Six Agricultural Chemical Stocks Potentially Upside Up to 128%

The U.S. is one the world’s top exporters in chemical industry. According to data released, .8 million was spent on pesticides, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals in 2010. There is a growing demand in the global fertilizer market sees growing demand. Thus, prices of products also rise, helping agricultural chemical companies improve profitability. From now on, it is a good time to start investment in agricultural chemical stocks which may have 6%-128% upside with strong buy, hold ratings. The following are 6 agricultural chemical stocks that have potential upside in the upcoming 12 months.

Monsanto has recently reported an 8% increase in net sales in the first three months of 2011. The company expects earnings per share in the range of .72 and .82 for the full year.

Monsanto is the world’s provider of agricultural products for farmers. The company is mainly engaged in three segments: seeds, genomics, and agricultural productivity.


Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan operates five potash mines in Saskatchewan and one in New Brunswick. The company accounts for 20 percent of the world market share.


Potash’s stocks are expected to gain an average of 13.2% to .7 this year.

Agrium is one of three companies (along with Potash Corp and Mosaic) which are likely to gain robustly from rising prices and volumes in the upcoming 2-3 years. Last year, the company earned 4 million. Its net sales rose to .52 million from .13 million the preceding year.

Agrium produces and wholesales nutrients for agricultural and industrial markets. The company consists of three business units: wholesale, retail, and advanced technologies.


Last year, Syngenta’s sales rose 6 percent to .6 billion. For full year 2010, its dividend rose 32% in terms of dollar. The company has signed a distribution agreement with Marrone for exclusive distribution rights in EAME region.

Syngenta believes that the integration of its crop protection and seeds business will result in cost saving of about 0 million.

In April 2010, CF Industries Holdings merged with Terra Industries. The deal was worth .7 billion. For full-year 2010, its subsidiary, Terra Nitrogen Company, earned 1.6 million on sales of 4.6 million.

CF Industries Holdings manufactures and distributes nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer products. The company mainly operates in the Midwestern grain-producing states.

China Green Agriculture targets to reach between .8 million and .6 million. Its earnings per share will range from 31 cents to 32 cents. The company will provide Sinoagri Holding with 165,000 tons of binary acid compound fertilizer products.

China Green Agriculture is mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling fertilizer products. The company aims to earn 0 million by 2015 and billion by 2020.



Rockwell International

Rockwell International

Predecessor companies

Col. Willard F. Rockwell made his fortune with the invention and successful launch of a new bearing system for truck axles in 1919. He merged his Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based operation with the Timken-Detroit Axle Company in 1928, rising to become chairman of its board in 1940.

Timken-Detroit merged in 1953 with the Standard Steel Spring Company, forming the Rockwell Spring and Axle Company. After various mergers with automotive suppliers, it comprised about 10-20 factories in the Upper Midwestern U.S. and southern Ontario, and in 1958 renamed itself Rockwell-Standard Corporation.

Pittsburgh-based Rockwell Standard then acquired and merged with Los Angeles-based North American Aviation to form North American Rockwell in 1967. They then purchased or merged with Miehle-Goss-Dexter, the largest supplier of printing presses, and in 1973 acquired Collins Radio, a major avionics supplier.

Finally, in 1973 the company merged with Rockwell Manufacturing, run by Willard Rockwell Jr., to form Rockwell International. In the same year, the company acquired Admiral Radio and TV for 0 million, selling the appliance division to Magic Chef.


The various Rockwell companies list a large number of firsts in their histories, including the World War II P-51 Mustang fighter and the B-25 Mitchell bomber, and the Korean War-era F-86 Sabre, as well as the Apollo spacecraft, the B-1 Lancer bomber, the Space Shuttle, and most of the Navstar Global Positioning System satellites. Rocketdyne, which had been spun off by North American in 1955, was re-merged into Rockwell in 1984, and by that time produced most of the rocket engines used in the United States.

Rockwell also took over and manufactured the light business aircraft previously known as Aero Commanders, then introduced their own new design as the Rockwell Commander 112 and 114.

The company developed a desktop calculator based on a MOSFET chip for use by its engineers. In 1967 Rockwell set up their own manufacturing plant to produce them, starting what would become Rockwell Semiconductor. One of their major successes came in the early 1990s when they introduced the first low-cost 14.4 kbit/s modem chip set, which was used in a huge number of modems.

Collins Radios were fitted to 80% of the free world's airliners. They designed and built the radios that communicated the Apollo moon landings and the high frequency radio network that allows worldwide communication with US military aircraft. Rockwell designed and built the third stage of the Minuteman Intercontinental ballistic missile, (ICBM) and the AIRS inertial guidance system (INS) that provided its navigation. They also built inertial navigation systems for the Fleet of Ballistic Missile submarines.

Rockwell built most of the heavy duty truck axles in the US along with power, windows, seats and locks. Rockwell also built yachts, business jets and owned large amounts of real estate.

Apex and break-up

With the death of company founder and first CEO Willard Rockwell in 1978, and the stepping down of his son Willard Rockwell Jr. in 1979 as the second CEO, Bob Anderson became CEO and led the company through the 1980s when it became the largest US defense contractor and largest NASA contractor. Rockwell also acquired the privately held Allen-Bradley Company for .6 billion in February 1985 billion of which was cash to the owners of Allen Bradley and became a producer of railroad electronics.

During the 1980s, Anderson, his CFO Bob dePalma and the Rockwell management team built the company to #27 on the Fortune 500 list. It boasted sales of billion and assets of over billion. Its workforce of over 100,000 was organized into nine major divisions: Space, Aircraft, Defense Electronics, Commercial Electronics, Light Duty Automotive Components, Heavy Duty Automotive Components, Printing Presses, Valves and Meters, and Industrial Automation. Rockwell International was a major employer in southern California, Ohio, Georgia, Oklahoma, Michigan, Texas, Iowa, Illinois and western Pennsylvania.

Anderson stepped down as CEO in February 1988, leaving the company to president Donald R. Beall. The completion of the Space Shuttle program and cancellation of the B-1 bomber had led to a decline in revenues, and Beall sought to diversify the company away from government contracts. The end of the Cold War and deteriorating economic conditions, however, prompted accelerated divestitures and sweeping management reforms. From 1988 to 2001 the company moved its headquarters four times: from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to El Segundo, California to Seal Beach, California to Costa Mesa, California to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

At the end of the 1980s, the company sold its valve and meter division, formerly Rockwell Manufacturing, to British Tire and Rubber. It also sold its printing press division to an internal management team. Following the "peace dividend" following the fall of the Soviet bloc, the company sold its defense and aerospace business, including what was once North American Aviation and Rocketdyne, to Boeing Integrated Defense Systems in December 1996. In the 1990s, the company spun off its semiconductor products as Conexant Technologies (CNXT), which is publicly traded and based in Newport Beach, California. Rockwell International also spun off its automotive division as a publicly traded company, Meritor Automotive, based in Troy, Michigan, which then merged with Arvin Industries to form Arvin Meritor.

In 2001, what remained of Rockwell International was split into two companies: Rockwell Automation and Rockwell Collins, both publicly traded companies, ending the run of what had once been a massive and diverse conglomerate.


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Lessons I Learned From International Business (School Course)

Lessons I Learned From International Business (School Course)

One lesson I learned from the cluster project was that when one is working in a very cluster with a decent number of individuals problems can arise. In our case this came in the shape of a group member not doing the work that was assigned to them. This was terribly frustrating to the rest of the cluster because his shoddy work reflected poorly on the whole cluster and several times we have a tendency to were stuck with rewriting his portion of the project. Having a member not do their share of the work was new to be and I had to struggle with the remainder of the group on the way to approach things as Christians. By operating with the identical cluster for a full semester we got to understand every others strengths and weaknesses and then we tend to could appropriately assign tasks to each member. The opposite main point I learned from the cluster project was that it takes a ton of labor to require an organization into another country.

This became apparent as the various sections of the project became due. Once we had finished all of the knowledge needed for the cluster project I looked back on all we tend to had done and I used to be amazed at the work we have a tendency to had put into the project and the way it extremely showed by the amount of data we had gathered. While we didn't use most of the knowledge in our presentation, we did use all of the data to come to the conclusions that we presented. I think was had success in multiple areas of our cluster project however we have a tendency to had specific success in our monetary information. Since it had been our goal to come up with an investment opportunity that might make a lot of cash we set that it might take a giant investment to come up with a massive return. We have a tendency to asked the investors for 141 million greenbacks and we tend to would are in a position to pay them back in a pair of years with a 12% interest rate. Simply having the money information fairly realistic and workable I think was a nice success for our team. There's continually area for improvement in a very group project and our project was no exception. Our biggest problem was that we didn't rehearse the presentation completely as a group, a number of our members did meet and review the basics of our presentation but we were never ready to urge everybody together in time to properly rehearse our sales pitch. This resulted in a little bit of confusion during the presentation that took away abundant of our professional feel. Except for not practicing together I assume that a lot of members of my group did not follow enough on their own, my self included, and our presentation suffered after we rambled in front of the category as a result of that they had not gotten their data into a practiced succinct pitch. Overall I thought our presentation was very professional but we could have taken it to a higher level if we have a tendency to had practiced as a cluster many times and our individual members had taken additional time to rehearse their own points. If I were to start out this project all over I might build sure that my group had clear communication of what was expected of every member including quality of labor and time at that the work should be turned in. Throughout the project I would like to see higher communication between my team to create sure that everybody is on the same page. Lastly I would begin to organize for the presentation before therefore that there would be plenty of time to rehearse as a group and excellent the presentation. Throughout this category we have a tendency to learned many international business lessons and one among the earliest lessons was that the four Ps, product, price, place, and promotion must additionally be used at the international level. We tend to additionally learned that knowing the culture is vital to the success of business that are going international, and by giving us examples like Disneyland in Japan versus Disneyland in France we have a tendency to saw real firms misunderstanding the culture and therefore losing legion dollars. Learning the difference between P time and M time is terribly practical and could save large amounts of time if I ever go take my career into a P time society. The foremost crucial issue I think I learned in this category was the importance of knowing your target market as a result of this is what can make a business succeed or fail. Knowing ones market in an exceedingly foreign country can be troublesome because one should overcome different languages, social structures, and angle patters. Once I go into my future career I will bear in mind the importance of knowing my target market and respecting their culture.

Earn an Online MBA Through Online Business Administration Schools

Earn an Online MBA Through Online Business Administration Schools

Obtaining an MBA from a top-notch university prepares one to be a future leader, it helps to sets the command a higher salary than someone without an MBA. Although completing a top MBA program requires a considerable investment of time and money, your increased earnings potential means you could recoup your investment in the near future.

The typical path is to earn a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) with dedicated attendance and a strong interest and dedication to this field. With the introduction of online degree programs, this opened up a whole lot of opportunities for many.

However, although online degree program open up a new door to many, one needs to take into consideration when they make their choices:

1. Look up for a Business administration school which can accept transfer credits from some other institutions.


Opt for the online program with tuition cost which is affordable and within your budget

3. Target for programs that have high admissions standards, and not programs that will admit anyone with a checkbook. One should try their best to study hard to earn good score. Taking the GMAT will help you get into a top online MBA program.

4. Explore the course calendar and time table which are most convenience for you, you have to commit yourself for this course before the actual enrollment.

5. Apply for to the programs that best interest you. You will submit a transcript, letter of recommendation, and a personal statement or essay to the business school council for review and acceptance of admission.

6. Apply program that is related to what you learn in your current job with passion. The more you can apply on the fly as you go along, the better you will retain what you have learnt..

This is especially important since you are learning online with the lacking of certain interactive components, this may be something important for us to take into consideration.

7. Get scholarship or loan information from the business school's financial aid office and compare the values offered.

8. Study consistently and on regular basis, make sure all assignments are submitted on time and any questions are voiced out for answers. Talk to your counselors or professors if you have any concerns or doubts over any topics are areas.

The key advantages of online degree are;

*flexibility, convenient and time saving
*Ability to enroll for any online Business Administration School without the need to consider geography factor and the need to be relocated.
*Able to adjust the pace of this program base on individual life style and pace of studying
*The Immobile can finally earn their certificate online from home now ! This is one of the best opportunities which they would imagine for 30 years back!
*An online Business Administration School can help connect you with several colleges and universities with the same curriculum for better exchange of ideas and discussions on the study.

Agricultural Tax Tips

Agricultural Tax Tips
If your deductible loss from operating your farm is more than your other income for the year, you may have a net operating loss (NOL). You may also have an NOL if you had a personal or business-related casualty or theft loss that was more than your income.

Note: if you have an NOL this year, you can carry it to other years and deduct it. You may be able to get a refund of all or part of the income tax you paid for past years, or you may be able to reduce your tax in future years.


Generally, you carry an NOL back to the two tax years before the NOL year and deduct it from income you had in those years. You can choose not to carry back an NOL and only carry it forward. These are rules for figuring how much of the NOL is used in each tax year and how much is carried to the next year.

Unless you choose to waive the carry-back period, as discussed later, you must first carry the entire NOL to the earliest carry-back year. If your NOL is not used up, you can carry the rest to the next earliest carry-back year, and so on.

Re-figured Tax

Re-figure your deductions, credits, and tax for each of the years to which you carried back and NOL. If your re-figured tax is less than the tax you originally paid, you can apply for a refund by filling Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, for each year affected, or by filing Form 1045. You will usually get a refund faster by filing Form 1045, and generally you can use one Form 1045 to apply an NOL to all carry-back years.

Exceptions to 2-Year Carry-back Rule

Eligible Losses

Eligible Losses qualify for longer carry-back periods. The carry-back period for an Eligible Loss is 3 years. An Eligible Loss is any part of an NOL that:

1.Is from a casualty or theft, or
2.Is attributable to a Presidentially declared disaster for a qualified small business

Note: An eligible loss does not include a farming loss.

Farming Loss

Farming Losses qualify for longer carry-back periods. The carry-back period for a Farming Loss is 5 years. A Farming Loss is the smaller of:

1.The amount which would be the NOL for the tax year if only income and deductions attributable to farming businesses were taken into account, or
2.The NOL for the tax year
You can choose to treat a farming loss as if it were not a farming loss. If you make this choice, the loss is subject to the 2-year carry-back period.


If you do not use up the NOL in the carry-back years, carry forward what remains of it to the 20 tax years following the NOL year. Start by carrying it to the first tax year after the NOL year. If you do not use it up, carry over the unused part to the next year. Continue to carry over any unused part of the NOL until you use it up or complete the 20-year carry-forward period.

For an NOL occurring in a tax year beginning before August 6, 1997, the carry-forward period is 15 years.


Arbitration is available for certain cases within Appeals jurisdiction that meet the operational requirements of the program. Generally, this program is available for cases in which a limited number of factual issues unresolved following settlement discussion in Appeals. Appeals and the taxpayer will be bound by the arbitrator's findings. The arbitration procedure uses the services of an arbitrator either from Appeals or from an outside organization.

If you have any questions about where to file taxes online or free online tax preparation, please feel free to visit our site

Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture
History of urban agriculture

Community wastes were used in ancient Persia to feed urban farming. In Machu Picchu water was conserved and reused as part of the stepped architecture of the city and vegetable beds were designed to gather sun in order to prolong the growing season. Victory gardens sprouted during WWI, WWII and were fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens in US, Canada, and UK. This effort was undertaken by citizens to reduce pressure on food production that was to support the war effort. Community gardening in most communities are open to the public and provide space for citizens to cultivate plants for food or recreation. A community gardening program that is well-established is Seattle's P-Patch. Allotment gardens came up in Germany in the early 19th century as a response to poverty and food insecurity.

Urban agricultural facts

A tidy front yard flower and vegetable garden in Aretxabaleta, the Basque Country

50% of the world population lives in cities.

800 million people are involved in urban agriculture world-wide and contribute to feeding urban residents.

Low income urban dwellers spend between 40% and 60% of their income on food each year.

By 2015 about 26 cities in the world are expected to have a population of 10 million or more. To feed a city of this size at least 6000 tonnes of food must be imported each day.

Perspectives on urban agriculture

A vegetable garden in the square in front of the train station in Ezhou, China

Resource and economic

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), has defined urban agriculture as:

[A]n industry that produces, processes and markets food and fuel, largely in response to the daily demand of consumers within a town, city, or metropolis, on land and water dispersed throughout the urban and peri-urban area, applying intensive production methods, using and reusing natural resources and urban wastes to yield a diversity of crops and livestock.

The definition of urban agriculture as an industry that responds to the nutritional demands of a city, from within that city, with the use and reuse of that city resources while acknowledging economic and resource use does not reconcile aspects of regional health, food security, and application of grassroots organizations.

(This definition is based on the work of Luc Mougeot of the International Development Research Centre and used in technical and training publications by UN-HABITAT Urban Management Programme , FAO Special Programme for Food Security, and international agricultural research centres, such as CIRAD.)


The Council on Agriculture, Science and Technology, (CAST) is an international consortium of scientific and professional societies based in Ames Iowa that compiles and communicates credible science-based information to policy makers, media, private sector, and the public. CAST defines urban agriculture to include aspects of environmental health, remediation, and recreation,

rban agriculture is a complex system encompassing a spectrum of interests, from a traditional core of activities associated with the production, processing, marketing, distribution, and consumption, to a multiplicity of other benefits and services that are less widely acknowledged and documented. These include recreation and leisure; economic vitality and business entrepreneurship, individual health and well-being; community health and well being; landscape beautification; and environmental restoration and remediation.13]

Modern planning and design initiatives are more responsive to this model of urban agriculture because it fits within the current scope of sustainable design. The definition allows for a multitude of interpretations across cultures and time. Frequently it is tied to policy decisions to build sustainable cities.

Food security

Access to nutritious food is another perspective in the effort to locate food and livestock production in cities. With the tremendous influx of world population to urban areas, the need for fresh and safe food is increased. Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC) defines food security as,

ll persons in a community having access to culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate food through local, non-emergency sources at all times.

The emerging importance of urban agriculture


UPA (urban and peri-urban agriculture) expands the economic base of the city through production, processing, packaging, and marketing of consumable products. This results in an increase in entrepreneurial activities and the creation of job opportunities, as well as in food costs reduction and products of better quality.

UPA represents an important opportunity for women to be part of the informal economy of a city. Farming and selling activities can be combined more easily with household tasks and child care.

UPA provides employment, income, and access to food for urban populations, which together contributes to relieve chronic and emergency food insecurity. Chronic food insecurity refers to less affordable food and growing urban poverty, while emergency food insecurity relates to breakdowns in the chain of food distribution. UPA plays an important role in making food more affordable and in providing emergency supplies of food. Research into market values for produce grown in urban gardens has attributed to a community garden plot a median yield value of between approximately 0 and 0 (US, adjusted for inflation). In a community gardening program as well-established as Seattle's P-Patches, this can account for up to 1.25 million dollars of produce cultivated annually.


The needs of urban landscaping can be combined with those of suburban livestock farmers. (Kstovo, Russia)

Social benefits that have emerged from urban agricultural practices are; better health and nutrition, increased income, employment, food security within the household, and community social life. UPA can be seen as a means of improving the livelihood of people living in and around cities. Taking part in such practices is seen mostly as informal activity, but in many cities where inadequate, unreliable, and irregular access to food is an occurring problem, urban agriculture has been a positive response to tackling food concerns. Households and small communities take advantage of vacant land and contribute not only to their household food needs but also the needs of their resident city. The CFSC states that,

ommunity and residential gardening, as well as small-scale farming, save household food dollars. They promote nutrition and free cash for non-garden foods and other items21]

This allows families to generate larger incomes selling to local grocers or to local outdoor markets, while supplying their household with proper nutrition of fresh and nutritional produce.

Some community urban farms can be quite efficient and help women find work, who in some cases are marginalized from finding employment in the formal economy. Studies have shown that participation from women have a higher production rate, therefore producing the adequate amount for household consumption while supplying more for market sale.

Due to the fact that most UA activities are conducted on vacant municipal land, there have been rising concerns about the allocation of land and property rights. The IDRC and the FAO have published the Guidelines for Municipal Policymaking on Urban Agriculture, and are working with municipal governments to create successful policy measures that can be incorporated in urban planning. Including UA in local plans and as proper land use will continue to help impoverished communities gain a better well-being while fighting urban poverty.

Localized food production in urban and peri-urban areas contributes to local economies by creating jobs and producing valuable products. Some researchers indicate that unemployed populations in large cities and suburban towns would decrease if put to work by local food movements. Schools have foreseen the asset of local food production and are beginning to incorporate agricultural sections in their curricula and present it as a career opportunity. Urban agricultural projects are beginning to open a new labor market in areas that have been negatively affected by industrial outsourcing of jobs.

Energy efficiency

The current industrial agriculture system is accountable for high energy costs for the transportation of foodstuffs. The average conventional produce item travels 1,500 miles, using, if shipped by tractor-trailer, one gallon of fossil fuel per hundred pounds. The energy used to transport food is decreased when urban agriculture can provide cities with locally-grown food.

Quality of food

Although the taste of locally grown food is subjective, many participants in the urban agriculture movement report that they prefer the taste of local agricultural products, or organic food, to that of industrial food production.[citation needed] Also, urban agriculture supports a more sustainable production of the food that tries to decrease the use of harmful pesticides that result in agricultural runoff. Urban and local farmers also eliminate the need for preservatives, as their products do not need to travel long distances. Soil contamination is a potential problem in urban environments, particularly lead. The soil should be tested; if lead is present, increasing the pH can alleviate the problem. Lead can also be removed through phytoremediation with Indian mustard or spinach.

Economy of scale

Using high-density urban farming, as for instance with vertical farms or stacked greenhouses, many environmental benefits can be achieved on a city-wide scale that would be impossible otherwise. These systems do not only provide food, but also produce potable water from waste water, and can recycle organic waste back to energy and nutrients. At the same time, they can reduce food-related transportation to a minimum while providing fresh food for large communities in almost any climate.

Implementation of urban agriculture

Community-based infrastructure

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Creating a community-based infrastructure for urban agriculture means establishing local systems to grow and process food and transfer it from farmer (producer) to consumer.

To facilitate food production, cities have established community-based farming projects. Some projects have collectively-tended community farms on common land, much like that of eighteenth-century Boston Common. One such community farm is the Collingwood Children's Farm in Melbourne, Australia. Other community garden projects use the allotment garden model, in which gardeners care for individual plots in a larger gardening area, often sharing a tool shed and other amenities. Seattle's P-Patch gardens use this model, as did the South Central Farm in Los Angeles. Independent urban gardeners also grow food in individual yards and on roofs. Garden sharing projects seek to pair producers with land, typically, residential yard space. Roof gardens allow for urban dwellers to maintain green spaces in the city without having to set aside a tract of undeveloped land. There are a growing number of projects worldwide that seek to enable cities to become 'continuous productive landscapes' through the networked cultivation of vacant urban land and temporary or permanent 'kitchen gardens'.

Food processing on a community level has been accommodated by centralizing resources in community tool sheds and processing facilities for farmers to share. The Garden Resource Program Collaborative based in Detroit has cluster tool banks. Different areas of the city have toolbanks where resources like tools, compost, mulch, tomato stakes, seeds, and education can be shared and distributed with the gardeners in that cluster. Detroit's Garden Resource Program Collaborative also strengthens their gardening community by providing to their members transplants; education on gardening, policy, and food issues; and by building connectivity between gardeners through workgroups, potlucks, tours, field trips, and cluster workdays.

Farmers' markets, such as the farmers' market in Los Angeles, provide a common land where farmers can sell their product to consumers. Large cities tend to open their farmers markets on the weekends and one day in the middle of the week. For example, the farmers' market of Boulevard Richard-Lenoir in Paris, France, is open on Sundays and Thursdays. However, to create a consumer dependency on urban agriculture and to introduce local food production as a sustainable career for farmers, markets would have to be open regularly. For example, the Los Angeles Farmers' Market is open seven days a week and has linked several local grocers together to provide different food products. The market central location in downtown Los Angeles provides the perfect interaction for a diverse group of sellers to access their consumers.

Cairo, Egypt

In the meantime in Egypt, population explosion and the tendency to build on agricultural land have acted to limit the resources of city families and their access to healthy products. With a little effort and money, rooftops can contribute in improving the families quality of life and provide them with healthy food and raise their income, this is besides the environmental and aesthetic role it plays. While it is not new, the notion of planting rooftops in Egypt has only recently been implemented. In the early 1990s at Ain Shams University, a group of agriculture professors developed an initiative of growing organic vegetables to suit densely populated cities of Egypt. The initiative was applied on a small scale; until it was officially adopted in 2001, by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Havana, Cuba

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Due to the shortage of fuel and therefore severe deficiencies in the transportation sector a growing percentage of the agricultural production takes place in the so-called urban agriculture. In 2002, 35,000 acres (140km) of urban gardens produced 3.4 million tons of food. In Havana, 90% of the city's fresh produce come from local urban farms and gardens. In 2003, more than 200,000 Cubans worked in the expanding urban agriculture sector .

Mumbai, India

Economic development in Mumbai brought a growth in population caused mainly by the migration of laborers from other regions of the country. The number of residents in the city increased more than twelve times in the last century. Greater Mumbai, formed by City Island and Salsette Island, is the largest city in India with a population of 16.4 million, according to data collected by the census of 2001. Mumbai is one of the densest cities in the world, 48,215 persons per km and 16,082 per km in suburban areas. In a scenario like this, urban agriculture seems unlikely to put in practice since it must compete with real estate developers for the access and use of vacant lots. Alternative farming methods have emerged as a response to scarcity of land, water, and economic resources employed in UPA.

Dr. Doshi innovative techniques on farming:

Dr. Doshi city garden methods are revolutionary for being appropriate to apply in reduced spaces as terraces and balconies, even on civil construction walls, and for not requiring big investments in capital or long hours of work. His farming practice is purely organic and is mainly directed to domestic consumption. His gardening tools are composed of materials available in the local environment: sugarcane waste, polyethylene bags, tires, containers and cylinders, and soil. The containers and bags (open at both ends) are filled with the sugarcane stalks, compost, and garden soil, which make possible the use of minimal quantity of water if compared to open fields. Dr. Doshi states that solar energy can replace soil in cities. He also recommends the idea of chainplanting, or growing plants in intervals and in small quantities rather than at once and in large amounts. He has grown different types of fruit such as mangos, figs, guavas, bananas, and sugarcane stalks in his terrace of 1,200sqft (110m2) in Bandra. The concept of city farming developed by Dr. Doshi consumes the entire household organic waste. He subsequently makes the household self-sufficient in the provision of food: 5kg of fruits and vegetables are produced daily for 300 days a year.

City farm at Rosary High School, Dockyard Road Mumbai:

The main objectives of this pilot project were to promote economic support for street children, beautify the city landscape, supply locally produced organic food to urban dwellers (mainly those residing in slums), and to manage organic waste in a sustainable city. The project was conducted in the Rosary School, in Mumbai, with the participation of street children during 2004. A city farm was created in a terrace area of 400sqft (37m2). The participants were trained in urban farming techniques. The farm produced vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The idea was spread the concept of city farm to other schools in the city.

Mumbai Port Trust (MBPT):

The central kitchen distributes food to approximately 3,000 employees daily, generating important amounts of organic disposal. A terrace garden created by the staff recycles ninety percent of this waste in the production of vegetables and fruits. Preeti Patil, who is the catering officer at the MBPT explains the purpose of the enterprise:

umbai Port Trust has developed an organic farm on the terrace of its central kitchen, which is an area of approximately 3,000sqft (280m2). The activity of city farming was started initially to dispose of kitchen organic waste in an ecofriendly way. Staff members, after their daily work in the kitchen, tend the garden, which has about 150 plants.

Bangkok, Thailand

In early 2000, urban gardens were started under the direction of the NGO, Thailand Environment Institute (TEI), to help achieve the Bangkok Metropolitan Administrations (BMA) priority to reen Thailand. With a population of 12 million and 39% of the land in the city vacant due to rapid expansion of the 1960-80 Bangkok is a test bed for urban gardens centered on community involvement. The two urban gardens initiated by TEI are i

Advantages and Drawbacks of International Business Transactions

Advantages and Drawbacks of International Business Transactions

International business, as the name implies, stands for business transactions between different countries. Those business deals could be for an exchange of goods, services, or skills and talents of people, not to mention the financial power that could be advantageous for the involved country's industry of banking, finance, construction amongst others. Now that globalization is common when it comes to communication and technology, it shows our ability to coordinate with each other no matter how much discouragement is showed.

Just as with any business, transactions or deals made with a foreign company can be very much challenging. Here are some of the challenges that most businesses with international transactions face:

* Culture. Local businesses are simpler in terms of the norms between the transactions. If deals are made between two foreign countries, culture and tradition amongst the two should be understood.

For many years, misunderstandings and misconceptions of different ethnicity have been the source of conflict involving different nations. But, the truth of the matter is that each country has different beliefs. Once mutual respect is achieved, battles would never be necessary even with many disparities in the way of living.

* Travel. Traveling from country to country will involve a lot of time, effort, and money as opposed to transacting with a local entrepreneur. On the other hand, this is the only way to show the sincerity in the transaction especially during the earlier phases when trust still needs to be built.

* Language. Language is one of the barriers of communication. This is a great challenge especially for those who do not know how to speak English.

Although there are translators, businessmen still need to learn the basic language which is very important in every business. Proper communication is one of the vital key points in having a successful international business.

* Adaptation. Keep in mind that in dealing with foreign people, there is a need to adapt with their customs and norms. It is very unwise to expect that dealings can be made in the same way all the time. Remember that these are different people, and they may have a different approach to certain situations that is often dealt differently.

However, despite all those challenges, one thing still remains true. The modern technology in this era has made it possible to communicate without any trouble. By way of the internet, transactions can be made through online, which makes for the easiest way of collaborating between countries. As a matter of fact, outsourcing can be a great help especially in marketing, advertising, manufacturing, and other tasks.

Even though it can be quite a challenge to start an international business, the mere fact that information can now be passed on without any trouble can be a great benefit that beats the downsides. It is for this reason that more and more companies are now getting into the industry. The preparation and earlier stages may involve daunting tasks, but that is just the start. As time passes, it will be easier.

Business Grants - To Know More About Small Business Administration

Business Grants - To Know More About Small Business Administration

If you are going to start up a business and still confused on what to regarding finding ways and means for getting financial assistance, it is best you go to Small Business Administration. SBA is a government agency that is tasked to help out small businesses to succeed. Apart from all those hear says you have heard about the government just doing nothing while collecting government from the people, this ain't the case in the outside world.

The government is even trying to give back to the people through giving financial assistance in the form of grants one of which is through business grants. There is a bigger chance for a business that is registered under non-profit organization to be approved faster compared to profit organization. This does not show that only the non-profit organizations' applications are approved. But it is the length of time that takes for a certain application to go through the system and it can be tedious might give frustrations to those people who are applying.

Small Business Administration is an agency that has no funds at all to give to business grant applicant.

What this agency does is giving out small businesses the needed information as to where to go from the different departments and agencies that can provide financial assistance that such business need.

Business and Commerce as a category gives out a variation of resources available for women who want to apply for a business grant. There are only two ways that a person can get financial assistance for a business that is through small business loans and small business grants. Those who are qualified to apply for grants are existing and new business owners.

Small businesses do have an important role within the economy.

It can boosts up the current economic situation through providing employment for people and give money to the government in the form of tax.

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