Harwich in Essex - An International and Busy Port

Harwich in Essex - An International and Busy Port

Historic Harwich is a town located in north east of Essex, England. You can locate it on the estuaries of River Orwell and Stour. Unfortunately, being close to the North Sea, it was flooded in 1953. It has busy freight docks too.

It is a busy coastal town and also an international port. Harwich is sometimes used collectively for Harwich town, Dovercourt and Parkeston. Some new buildings have been constructed in the recent, which have give the town a modern look.

A stroll around the town can include the lighthouses and museums. The Harwich Redoubt Fort is an interesting monument and looks beautiful on the harbour. You can also enjoy the cruise ships around.

Since years many ships have anchored at Harwich. Located in the Tendring district, it is a Haven port. The St Nicholas Parish Church and Guildhall are two major buildings. Most shops are Victorian style.

It is an old town and you can see this in the preserved historical buildings around the town.

You may find Dovercourt to be more developed than Harwich. The Harwich High Lighthouse is worth a visit.

In the 1600s, it was a naval base. Not surprising given the great positioning of the place. The Electric Palace Cinema built in 1911 is still being used till date. The view of Harwick Docks are amazing. It is still UK's busiest passenger ferry port.

The popular sailors associated with the town are Christopher Jones and Christopher Newport. It has great maritime history as well. The Ha Penny Visitor Centre is located in The Quay.

You can take a ferry to Holland, Netherlands and Denmark from the Harwich International port. Major part of the old town or Old Harwich is a conservation area now. The town has great architectural and historical heritage.