Chicago Students Undecided on a Major? Choose Business Administration

Chicago Students Undecided on a Major? Choose Business Administration

Chicago Students: Undecided on a Major? Choose Business Administration

Chicago is one of the world̢۪s most important financial centers. In fact, it is the second largest business district in the United States. For current or prospective college students living in the city who are undecided on a major, consider the many benefits of business administration degree.

A business administration degree can open doors to lucrative careers in the world of business and in a variety of industries. Graduates can establish careers in corporations, insurance companies, marketing and PR firms, colleges and universities, health services, social services, government agencies, and financial services. A strong background in accounting, marketing, computer applications, human resources, and management strategies are critical for candidates looking for a career in business administration.

Accredited Chicago business schools lay the necessary groundwork to put you on the path to success.

The coursework found in a business administration degree program gives students a variety of tools and knowledge needed in order to rise to the top in the world of business. Students learn how to make and implement sound business decisions in order to allow companies to work effectively and profitably. The coursework at Chicago business schools includes how to understand and apply basic principles of marketing, selling and public relations and how to assess and apply various theories to different types of companies. Students are taught the ethics of business, the importance of clear business communication through a variety of channels, and how to prepare, present and implement effective business plans.

Business Administration Degrees

Under the umbrella of Business Administration, Chicago business schools allow you to specialize in one of four concentrations. A general Business Administration emphasis gives you the background you need to understand and work in different aspects of business as a whole. An emphasis on Management gives students the tools they need to take on leadership responsibilities. Students who choose to focus on an Entrepreneur emphasis will learn what it takes to own and operate their very own businesses. An emphasis on Finance and Management looks at the inner workings of the financial aspects of running and maintaining a successful, profitable business.

Home to several Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, Chicago is a major world business center where people with a strong background in business administration can find success and continued opportunities for growth.

Chicago business schools located in the city itself offer the perfect location for students looking for an institution conveniently located close to home and in the heart of it all.