Been Thinking About A Masters Of Business Administration Program

Been Thinking About A Masters Of Business Administration Program
For many people, taking the time to get an MBA the traditional way from one of the top MBA schools is just possible for many busy professionals. For those professionals, entrepreneurs, physicians and other wanting that masters of business administration education should look at the non-traditional MBAs offered. MBA in a Day offers concise, comprehensive coverage of the vital business topics, important concepts, and proven strategies taught at top business schools.

MBA in a Day fills the gap for those who need to understand fundamental business principles and skills necessary to manage a practice or small business they were never taught during their professional education in specialized fields. And small business owners and entrepreneurs will find here the same tactics and strategies that full-time MBA students use to get ahead.

The classic business essentials are adaptable to any industry or profession, and applicable to the complex economic world of today. The books is packed with real-world case studies, illustrative examples, and helpful anecdotes. The book is divided into four sections--covering management and policy; economics, finance, and accounting; marketing; and systems and processes to simple to use.

Inside, youll find MBA-level advice on these topics and many more:

- Ethics and leadership skills

- Fair negotiation tactics

- Basic business accounting practices & economics

- Marketing strategies, advertising & promotion

- Effective communication and presentations

- Project management

- Quality control measures

For professionals focused on the day-to-day challenges of running a successful practice, operating a small business, or launching a new venture, MBA in a Day is a straightforward guide offers a comprehensive business education without the time and money of graduate school.

Another option is the MBA in a DAY online course which presents its MBA level seminar via streaming video lecture/presentations, and includes a discussion forum/study hall, end of chapter learning assessments and additional web-linked learning resources.

Don't miss your chance to go to business school - in four content-rich online sessions!

MBA in a DAY is presented in four video modules:

- People: Management, Leadership, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior

- Markets: Marketing, Competitive Strategy, Advertising & Promotion

- Money: Finance, Accounting and Economics

- Systems: Quality Systems, Project Management, Management Information Systems, The Business Plan

Additionally, there are:

- Interactive "Study Halls" to discuss MBA topics with other MBA in a DAY online students

- Resources and Websites at the end of each module to add more to your learning

And you will receive an MBA in a DAY Certificate of Completion.