The Charm Of The Internal Business Marketing Team

The Charm Of The Internal Business Marketing Team

First, we look at a case: Longliqi The secret of success.

JIANGSU LONGLIQI Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is the largest and most advanced Japanese technology products, health products research, development and production and sales base. Development of the company 20 years at an average annual growth rate of over 40% of high-speed, healthy development, a leading local daily chemical industry, the brand. 2007 Longliqi revenues 6.968 billion yuan. National Day of the many foreign cosmetic brands being acquired or eliminate business today Longliqi counter foreign brands into national brands of hope.

Longliqi such a success, the secret? Many people fail to understand why, one by the "snake powder" started, occupying a small town, Changshu, facing pincer attack from both inside and outside of competition, how is it an opportunity for development what? The research shows that in addition to its right product strategy, marketing strategy, regional strategy, the "contract model within the multi-level" is an important reason for its rapid development.

90's, Longliqi taken the traditional distribution Proxy System model, but with the competition, the rise of the modern channel, use of traditional marketing agency, our products have strong brand can not be with the foreign and domestic low-cost products to compete.

The late '90s to 2003, Longliqi branch probably would operate, allows companies to grow rapidly. After 2003, with the firm size grows, the control directly managed branches have become increasingly difficult. Longliqi face the pain of innovative sales model.

2003 11 months Longliqi began landing CCTV.

Facing the new situation, to meet the development requirements of large, Longliqi business model will be directly managed branch manager to contract an independent company business model. Marketing team and company parties into a client relationship and trade relations. This change, on the one hand ensure the recovery of corporate funds, reduce business risks; the other hand, the marketing team contracted to operate the company more autonomy. Longliqi the profit and loss responsibility and the right to operate under the marketing team into the hands of import in the team classification contract, the sharing of business risks and responsibilities. Currently, Longliqi size of the domestic market has contracted the market two to three hundred. Long-edge multi-level contract with Benchley the unique sales model, the more than 30,000 employees and Longliqi marketing company together.

In this new benchmark in the Chinese wine Chinese wines reported Youfadaihao 23-189 local post office can subscribe to the Department of Cooperation Mode, the marketing team to quickly achieve personal wealth, imagine the companies developed it? Liberation marketing team productivity and the potential release of marketing staff, its power can not think of.

Present, textile, clothing, medicine, health products, such cooperation within the industry there are many success stories. Enterprise to create an internal business platform, achievement of staff "dream boss" is not only necessary, but likely.

Internal business need: Most companies marketing departments to be linear functions of the system's organizational structure, business team representatives, regional sales executive management. Corporate sales goal is to complete the sales team, marketing team simply because "migrant workers", their sense of responsibility, pressure, power input to achieve marketing goals not fully. Through internal entrepreneurship, fundamentally change the relationship between the company and marketing team, marketing staff to mobilize the enthusiasm, sense of responsibility to improve marketing personnel. Problems from the marketing team and bring results within the business, enterprises encouraged to venture within the marketing team absolutely necessary.

The feasibility of internal entrepreneurship:

Today's society, everyone has a boss's dream deep down, want to try their own business. But the business needs of many conditions, such as certain economic base, product base, customer base and so on, as a single individual is difficult with such conditions. Marketing team on the company, the product on the market are more familiar with both sides to understand each other, the internal business of the company's risks are in fact small. Internal business, the profits of enterprises on the surface may be decomposed team, and in fact corporate pie bigger, and staff share the cake, the cake is part of larger enterprises. Internal business, a big win for enterprise, the staff is great to win, up and down is a win-win situation.