Postgraduate Studies: Doctor of Business Administration

Postgraduate Studies: Doctor of Business Administration

Career opportunities of postgraduates

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is aimed at enhancing the proficiency of qualified managers and management educators. Choosing this course, postgraduates make a substantial contribution to the operations at a particular organization, implementing their theoretical knowledge in management practice. For this reason, a certain level of company's involvement is expected. Most companies pay for their employees' education, and students take advantages of combining their professional activity with postgraduate courses.

As opposed to traditional PhD, DBA is aimed at training the participants' professional skills and due to its practical value is beneficial for the company's success. After completing the courses, students will increase their chances for promotion significantly. Another career option is transition to another company's senior management department.

No matter what motivation an individual has for choosing a DBA course, this degree is beneficial for his/her personal and professional growth and provides opportunities for career promotion.

Entry requirements

Well-developed professional skills and working experience are required for taking the DBA course.

Each applicant is expected to have not less than 5 years of working experience in a managerial position, related to the issues of professional development of employees
The part-time course runs for 3 to 6 years, combining elements of taught courses and research programs and requiring students' attendance for at least several times a month during the first two years of studies. As a rule, postgraduates may attend the educational institution in the afternoon and evening, while the main emphasis is put on distance learning at home.
Postgraduates need to be prepared for conducting a private research and in particular cases publishing it in professional journals. Though publication is not a must for those who take a DBA course, it might enhance the individual's chances for further career promotion.