Farm Machinery Parts Problems Keep The Market Need Specification - Agricultural Machinery, Parts -

Farm Machinery Parts Problems Keep The Market Need Specification - Agricultural Machinery, Parts -
Agricultural Machinery As farmers in agricultural production of the most important means of production, has modern agriculture and new rural construction equipment provided strong support for its purchase Pin And the use of more and more attention by all levels of government. So, the city's agricultural market be? Farmers purchase farm machinery in use, its benefits are also received throughout a full range of protection? Recently, this reporter visited the Municipal Agricultural Bureau.

Agricultural machinery parts keep small problems
Municipal Agricultural Bureau of Agricultural Quality Complaint Report a reporter that, in 2009 the city received a total of 15 cases of Agricultural Mechanization of quality complaints, involving the value of 539 thousand yuan for farmers to restore economic loss 101 thousand yuan.

Single set of data from this perspective, the city for one year only 15 complaints since the quality of farm machinery for farmers to restore economic losses of 10 million, supposedly received such a complaint results can not be considered any height of success, but in able to reflect a good sign: With the development of science and technology, with the national implementation of the preferential agricultural policy, with the functional departments of the farm machinery at all levels except the inferior IMPACT increasing the degree of product quality agricultural machinery and tools have been greatly improved, farming has been effectively regulate the market. According to the municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau of Agricultural engineer Zhang Xinchen introduced over the past few years, the city accepted farm machinery complaint cases each year are between 50 to 60, the amount involved and for the recovery of the amount of people are also more In the past, the market standard, manufacturers and mercenary people, they often received complaints from large fake farm machinery, some of a complaint regarding the amount of 10 million. In 2009, all received complaints about the quality of farm machinery in cases, no one is a large counterfeiting cases, 15 cases of complaints, are all due to parts or Warranty service does not result in time. Mr. Zhao Weishan consumer complaints as a farm machinery company in Weishan wheat Combine Case, the user inter-district wheat harvest in Anhui, the machine blockage, leakage of food, walking failure and other faults, not normal use, but manufacturers, distributors and local service stations have three bags of buck-passing, can not provide three bags of maintenance service. Received a complaint, the city of Agricultural Bureau of Quality Supervision Division is responsible for a farm machinery Weishan who immediately contacted the company and eventually in accordance with the "Who's Who is responsible for distribution" of the "three guarantees" the principle of service by the company to arrange for the day were three bags of Warranty repairs, ensure that users continue to harvest wheat for consumers to restore the economic losses. Liangshan's Chiang reflects, he bought a wheat, corn dual harvester, wheat harvest results of the normal, while the rate of harvest of corn Shique appears broken, granary complex than many phenomena such as cutting station is blocked, demanded the return of corn Header; Jiaxiang of Ma bought a tricycle left axle, axle used to spend 12 days there Key Fault, because no product is three, is coordinated return; Nie purchased a 85 horsepower tractor tires rip; Ding purchased planter, planter shelf break occurs, transmission distortion. Farm machinery in use, the small The problem is continued, it has eliminated the bulk of fake and shoddy products.

Before problems occur off the source
Accept the people farm machinery complaint cases, as much as possible for the people to restore economic losses, but not the interests of safeguarding the people the most effective way to maximize the interests of safeguarding the people, must be before problems occur, the people built a protection barrier. In recent years, the city agricultural sector, the management focus on the source and quality of regulatory governance, consolidate the market, supporting the superior limit of the inferior, fake agricultural building long-term mechanism. Last year, the city investigated and handled more than 2,800 counterfeit units pieces of agricultural products, involving more than 120 million value, have been closed down and written off according to the law no longer engaged in farm machinery repair business network 260, banned the illegal operation of the network 88, according to the law investigation without qualification qualifications engaging in farm machinery repair service staff of 65 people, investigate use of time, the old, failed agricultural machinery spare parts for maintenance and other violations of laws and 4, the renovation of existing farm machinery repair the city after the network 786.

For the present city of agricultural machinery parts and other small problems keep the phenomenon, the city agricultural sector to control agricultural markets will focus on the poor standard of management than counterfeiting.