Are You Thinking of Pursuing a Masters of Business Administration?

Are You Thinking of Pursuing a Masters of Business Administration?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) usually takes between one and two years at a graduate-level institution to complete. Regardless of the type of MBA you pursue, the fundamental topics that you will study include:

• Organizational behavior
• Marketing
• Economics
• Quantitative analysis
• Accounting

An MBA is meant to give you the training in both practice and theory of business management that you need to be proficient in performing major management roles in today's corporate world. In truth, an MBA is a career accelerator - it can help you secure higher salaries and take your career to the next level.

DeVry University MBA program will help you to enhance and broaden your knowledge, skills, widen your career opportunities, further your career and extend your personal networks. Earning your MBA at DeVry University can help you:

• Gain advancement in your career
• Successfully change your profession
• Become a leader in your field
• Network
• Launch your own business
• Augment your business and technical expertise

DeVry University MBA Programs
DeVry MBA programs will give you the flexibility you need to earn your Masters degree while maintaining balance in your busy schedule.

Because DeVry University caters to nontraditional and working students, it offers accommodating class schedules and great options for the busiest of students. DeVry MBA program gives you the choice of attending classes part time or full time at more than 75 locations all over the U.S. And, if you happen to move, you have the option of completing your coursework at any of the other locations, anywhere and at anytime. You even have the choice of switching between online and classroom study on a course-by-course basis.

DeVry University MBA program is designed to prepare you in fundamental business practices, give you an advanced understanding of human resources, management, strategic thinking, finance and marketing. If you choose to attend DeVry University full time, you could complete your MBA in just 18 months. However, if you work or have family commitments, DeVry University will give you the flexibility to adjust your schedule accordingly. DeVry University makes it their goal to prepare students so that upon graduation they are competitively prepared for a mid- to senior-level position in the world of business.

DeVry University Locations
DeVry University has over 75 campuses in 26 states in the U.S. Students can participate in classes at any one of these campuses, or take their courses online. When you earn a degree from DeVry University, you will be ready to take on the arena in which you have studied. Through comprehensive degree programs, in-depth lectures, virtual library, experienced faculty, exceptional technical assistance and guidance counselors, you will receive a first-class education at your convenience. As a potential student, you also have the option of viewing demo courses, reviewing computer requirements and reading about DeVry University's qualified faculty.