Arunachal Pradesh Tenders Offer Major Opportunities in Tourism, Agricultural Industries

Arunachal Pradesh Tenders Offer Major Opportunities in Tourism, Agricultural Industries

Located in the North Eastern end of the country bordering Assam and Nagaland among domestic states and foreign countries like Burmah and People's Republic of China, Arunachal Pradesh occupies a strategic position politically. However, development of this comparatively newly created state is yet to reach its desired levels and that is why the state government as well as the central government has been taking a lot of initiatives to improve the economic conditions of the state. Numerous Arunachal Pradesh tenders are now floated at regular intervals and most of them are government tenders.


Area of Opportunities

While private enterprise has not developed much in the state, government tenders are offering great opportunities for investors and bidders to make good in the process.

Most important areas offering such opportunities and where majority of the Arunachal Pradesh tenders originate are -
Tourism and travel sector;
Industrial sector; and
Agricultural sector.
Tourism Related Tenders


Arunachal has a rich cultural heritage that goes back to the days of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is the place where Parasuram washed all his sins, Vyasa got enlightenment, and Lord Krishna took Rukmani as wife. In addition; the lush green forestry, abundance of natural scenarios, and the local arts and crafts are all great attraction for the tourists.

Hence opportunities for investors are available in form of


Arunachal Pradesh tenders in the fields of -

Bidding for tenders for construction of accommodations and tourist sites;
Improvement and maintenance of tourists sites;
Providing or supplying vehicles for travel and tourism either on hire or by way of sale;
Supply of security staff and trained guides; and
Running government art and crafts centers in tourist sites.

While some hotels and resorts are coming up in the state of late, most of the opportunities are available through government tenders only.


Industrial Tenders

Realizing the necessity of industrialization in the state and considering the economic backwardness of the region, the state government has come up with an investor-friendly industrial policy which was introduced in 2001 and many more facilities have been added to the original policy encouraging investments and setting up on industrial units in the state. Many Arunachal Pradesh Tenders are floated in this sector but the difference is that unlike other sectors there is also a notable growth of tenders from private sectors. Most of these tenders relate to -

Development of site of the industrial units;
Construction and installation works relating to the industries;
Supply of machineries, equipments, and accessories;
Supply of manpower;
Providing utility and security services that are mostly outsourced; and
Transport facilities.


Agricultural Industry Based Tenders

Like the industrial sector, the state government has also introduced the new agricultural policy that also encourages outside investments with 100 percent equity ownership for a period of 30 years after which it would be reduced to 49 percent. They will also be allowed to hold lands on lease for 30 years and priority sectors from where many Arunachal Pradesh tenders originate are -

Industries that are base don locally available raw materials;
Textile and handicrafts;
Electronics industries developing agricultural equipments and products;
Industries based on non-timber forest produces; and
Infrastructure and agricultural services sector.


Opportunities are also available in the medical services sectors and educational services sectors but like most other sectors, the opportunities are mostly available in form of government tenders. is complete tender portal for finding latest free tenders information in India. For getting more information on Arunachal Pradesh Tenders visit our website.