International business mba gives an edge

International business mba gives an edge
These days corporate world is extremely competitive with everyone out to maximize profits and expand at a minimum cost. The result is that manufacturers have become exporters, and trading firms and MNCs are taking advantage of enhanced opportunities in an expanding market, growing resources and a widening customer base.
This foreign business orientation has both increased the scope of business for Indian companies and extended their operations. They produce according to the market, establish channels of distribution, buy insurance and deal with customs authorities while facing the challenges of the new world trade order. To operate profitably in the international market the entrepreneur has to assess environmental factors — political, social, economic and technological — before taking strategic decisions on functions such as finance, marketing and HR. Managers of their domestic operations undertake these functions, but because of their ‘ international’ involvement, their work gets that much more complicated.
In the new business environment, a specialised knowledge of international business can make you a valuable addition to any company with global aspirations and to the international workforce as well. An accredited international business degree or online business degree can come in many forms: MBA in International Business, Executive MBA, PG Diploma in International Business Operations ( PGDIBO); Master in International Business ( MIB); PG Diploma in Material Management; PG Diploma in International Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management; MA, M. Phil. and Ph. D. in International Legal Studies; International Trade and Development; diploma/ certificate in packaging; and certificate course in International Business Languages.
These MBA Courses are available in a number of MBA universities in India and institutes, from Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University to leading B- schools such as Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, FORE School of Management, Jag an Institute of Management Studies and Symbiosis Institute of Management, and several government bodies like Indian Institute of Packaging and Indian Institute of Material and Management.
For students, these mba programs have opened up many new professional opportunities in export houses, buying houses and export divisions of MNCs; international market research and consultancy firms; banks and insurance companies; warehouses, dry ports, shipping lines and logistics companies.
They are also sought after by government bodies such as the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, export promotion councils, trade bodies such as FICCI and FIEO, as well as international organisations like WTO, IMF, World Bank and ADB. And of course, entrepreneurship is always a lucrative career option.
Students must enroll in institutes where the focus is not just on classroom teaching, but also on live assignments, guest lectures, workshops, panel discussions, industrial training, role plays and skill enhancement programmes, such as exposure to language courses, e-commerce and relevant software applications, namely, Electronic Data Interchange, SAP and Logistics Resource Management.