Liaoning Provincial Agricultural Exhibition Will Be Held March 20 - Agricultural Machinery,

Liaoning Provincial Agricultural Exhibition Will Be Held March 20 - Agricultural Machinery,
Sixth Liaoning Province Agricultural Machinery Purchase of subsidized products on-site meetings will be held on March 20th largest market in the northeastern city of farm machinery at the current exhibition space and related northeast city facilities have been ready for some agricultural machinery by Pin Agricultural machinery business has been put into the venue.

Hundreds of kinds of agricultural machinery exhibition

Since 2004 since the implementation of farm machinery purchase subsidy policy, purchase of subsidized agricultural products of Liaoning Province fairs held every year, 2010, 2009, the fifth and sixth are held in our city. Currently, nearly 50 dealers join this trade fair, there will be tillage to machinery, fertilizer plant machinery, field management and machinery, harvesting machinery, and a hundred kinds of agricultural machinery exhibition.

208 booths have been completed Northeast City Planning Director Dingcheng Wei, currently the venue 46 thousand square meters of exhibition space has been formed finish farm machinery, shed 208 display booths have been completed, field office staff to prepare for the 50 activity rooms have also been for completion. To ensure that participants stop, 1 km north-east city of long, wide and 28 meters of the Lancang River Road open for parking, can park 1,000 cars, then northeast city staff will work with traffic police and other agencies to maintain order, directing participants parking, to ensure the successful participants to enter the venue. In addition, the northeast city of Tieling mobile companies are also invited to field test the signal strength, the day of cell phone signal in order to ensure congestion does not occur, Tieling Mobile will send an emergency communication vehicle to the scene, which can meet the March 20 trade fairs on-site phone signal of quality. Involving public security, health, hospitality and other departments have also been completed and the Northeast city of convergence.

Opened two major markets building materials and hardware

3 21, Northeast City decorative building materials, hardware will officially open the two markets have been operating businesses have thrown all kinds of preferential policies has not yet begun operating businesses to step up the decoration, to embrace the market opened.

The floor in the building materials market Opel stores, the reporter saw several workers were floor samples will be on retail shelves, the boss Nie product that stores more than a month ahead of schedule for the renovation, and now most of the goods have been set up , opening day, but also to significantly discount stores to attract customers, such as purchase of more than 60 floor flat will be awarded thousands of astronomical Telescope , In addition to hand-held vacuum cleaner, bone ceramic bowl, mats and other gifts presented to customers to buy flooring.

The hardware market, Shunda hardware sales agency, is introduced to the customer the owner of the shop products Xiaode Wei told reporters: "The market officially opened to us with more opportunities, in fact, we shop last August 18 began trial business, and after the operation has steadily, and now, due to Repulse Bay on the 1st of many owners have started fitting, and together with the market open for business brought about the popularity of our businesses particularly well. "