business administration degree in accounting at devry

business administration degree in accounting at devry

As businesses need more experts in finance and accounting, the demand for these professionals increases as well. If you are interested in business administration and are great with numbers, consider a degree in business administration: accounting. With a specialization in accounting, you will have a tremendous amount of opportunities open to you because of your needed and crucial skills to many businesses out there. Devry offers this program conveniently online or with the excitement of a campus location.

With this degree, you will learn how to:

Identify problems based on accounting knowledge
Understand management, planning, strategy, leading, and changes
Practice the cost and fundamentals of accounting

Apart from lifetime skills, you will benefit in many ways other than at work. You will also learn crucial decision making skills and how to use them globally, gain experience of tax laws, and you will be able to apply your knowledge in the work place immediately.

A business administration degree with a specialization in accounting is excellent for those who want to jump into the field of business or accounting.

It will teach you the skills in communication, decision making, and many principles of federal income tax. There are many different career paths you will be able to take upon getting your degree such as:
Cost Accounting Manager
Financial Analyst
Financial Procedures Analyst
Financial Business Analyst


So make the most out of your future now. Whether you want to gain knowledge, a better career, or both, earning your degree is the first step.

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